1. kind2creatures

    Scientists "DELETE" HIV from Human Cells for the First Time

    Read about it here.
  2. kind2creatures

    HIV Meds To Treat Ebola, NIH Intrigued

    A Liberian doctor is using HIV drugs to treat Ebola, NIH intrigued...
  3. kind2creatures

    The HIV Myth Explained

    by Jon Rappaport...
  4. Arrowwind09

    Merck Scientists Admits SV40 and HIV in Vaccines
  5. kind2creatures

    Bananas, Herbs May Prevent HIV Transmission

    Bananas, herbs may help prevent HIV transmission by Jonathan Benson, staff writer (NaturalNews) A study published in the March 19, 2010, issue of The Journal of Biological Chemistry found that banana lectins, the proteins that bind to sugars, also bind to HIV-infected cells and prevent their...
  6. Arrowwind09

    New Break Through In HIV Treatment,2933,596242,00.html?test=latestnews
  7. R

    HIV cured tests prove

    hi everyone good news a friend of mine has been taking MMS for HIV. At his last visit the doctors remark was "its as if you never had it". He started at 1dr twice a day, which gave him some herx symtoms. After for months he is up to 15drops once a day. We have the medical record to prove it if...