How I Cured Lyme Disease


Standing at the Portal
Oct 16, 2007
Hello Everyone,

Its been a long time since I posted here on Natmedtalk. I've been pretty busy building a house, running a farmer's market and now a bed and breakfast.

I've come back to tell you about my experience with Lyme disease and how I cured it. I really have to thank Dan Bergy for his dedicated service not only to his wife in treating her Lyme but his service to the world at large by sharing what he has learned, persistently, over and over again.

Dan told his story of treating his wife for Lyme with Rife on this forum. I always remembered what he had to say. I would say, that it has saved me from a terrible fate and when I got the Lyme diagnose I knew right away that this would be the path I would follow.

My Lyme Treatment

I had Lyme Complex Disease, diagnosed by dark field live blood analysis in its chronic form. You could see the spirochetes and cysts under the microscope in the blood. I had been bitten at least 6 months previously but had no rash or fever. I had also been bitten a couple of years previously for which I did have fever and did take doxycycline for 20 days. The doctor at the time thought I probably had Colorado Tick Fever but that was only a guess on his part as no conclusive test was done for anything at the time. I was not Lyme literate myself at that point so I was at the mercy of ignorant doctors, this one being an infectious disease specialist from the leading hospital in Salt Lake City.

I don’t know which incident caused the active Lyme. Symptoms that drove me to the doctor again were severe fatigue, shortness of breath, horrible joint pains, memory loss and prone to collapse... and a lot of other lessor symptoms, also.

I consider dark field live blood analysis the only absolutely conclusive form of diagnosis. If you have active Lyme symptoms Lyme and or its cysts will be seen in the blood... but if you are in remission it may not be seen in the blood. Remission does not mean cure.

I devised my own treatment protocol. I used colloidal silver (NutraSilver) for 3.5 months. I found this effective also for blood born candida which was seen in the blood analysis. I used Marcozyme enzymes to break open the cysts and applied the silver one hour after the enzymes 3xd. I separated the enzymes from all food. They must go directly into the blood. I chose Nutrasilver first, and followed their recommended dosages because I wanted to start some treatment right away and I knew it would take some time to locate a rife machine.

At week 7.5 I had another dark field live blood analysis done and Lyme nor cysts were no longer seen in my blood. I still felt ill and had Lyme symptoms although, improved. Not seeing Lyme is not conclusive that it is fully gone.

I was able to cook dinner now at least and going up and down our 20 steps was a bit easier.

I also had Bartonella symptoms. At this point at 7.5 weeks I added Rife treatments using the GB4000 with MOPA amp. It took me a good 7.5 weeks to find a used Rife and have it shipped from Canada. Google GB4000 with MOPA for the machine I used.

I developed a set of frequencies to use with the assist of others who had effectively treated Lyme with Rife (Dan). From the day of diagnosis I also treated with Ozone RI, VI, ear insufflation and Sauna. I did VI daily. The others mixed daily though out the week. The ozone really helped me to feel better on a daily basis but I could see after a time that this protocol was not curative. When I developed ozone machine problems I stopped the ozone in month 3 of treatment. I was too broke to deal with it and also mind fog kept me from getting organized to get a repair done.

I used coffee enemas for headaches from detox and chlorella to help bind detox poisons. Lyme emits a neurotoxin when it dies that can knock you flat. I also used Barlow's LDM - Lomatium dissectum extract to boost my immune system for the first 3 months 3 x day.

In the beginning I had severe jaw, gum and tooth pain and it was actually an issue months before I knew I had Lyme disease. MMS mouthwashes 2 x day eliminated this in short order.. maybe in a week or two.

Because Lyme runs down the immune system so drastically, on my second blood exam lots of parasites were seen in the blood. I treated these with Barlow's parasite tincture called Clarkia and felt much better after about 2 weeks, although it gave me quite a head ache for the first 5 days from detox.

By the beginning of the 4th month I still could tell I had Lyme but it was much better. I was now traveling and able to keep up if I paced myself right. I also had to treat for Bartonella which could be seen in the blood also. My doc said that he couldn't be sure if it was Bart or Babesia but my clinical symptoms directed me to Bart. You could see these things infecting the red blood cells. Colloidal Silver did not help with the Bart as the symptoms continued over time while on the silver, but the shortness of breath did improve somewhat in the first few months which could have been a reduction in Lyme or Bart. Bart attacks the RBCs more so than Lyme does but Lyme definitely attacks the RBCs also.

When I started to focus on Rife frequencies for Bart it went away in a few weeks. Bart needs to be treated twice a day due to its replication rate.

As Bart and Lyme got better other symptoms that I had from the start got much worse, to the point of really painful. This was confusing to me. Dan suggested that I give mycoplasma frequencies a try. This appears to have cured it so I am assuming I had mycoplasma. The frequencies are generally pretty specific per pathogen. Mycoplasma symptoms for me were restless legs, swelling in the lymphatics on inner thighs and groin and sharp stabbing pains in the thighs. The restless legs started about 4 months before I went and got a diagnosis.

I am quite well today without the use of any conventional antibiotics whatsoever. During my illness I read a lot of testimonials and conversed on the net with lots of long time chronic Lyme people still seeking a cure. My opinion is that the using of antibiotics for Lyme is dangerous and can propel you into a serious decline, with issues such as leaky gut, resistant staph, immune deficiency, severe candida and many different poisonous effects from the use of antibiotics accumulating over time. I suspect that long term use of antibiotics may also damage the genes. Please understand that some of these Lyme patients are on IV antibiotics for years.

I would not trust ozone therapy to cure Lyme. I know a lot of people who use ozone for Lyme and reports of cure are far and few between and I'm even skeptical of those. Perhaps if you could do DIV 3x times a week (ozone gas delivered directly into the vein) it might work but you would have to do it for a long time I suspect. Lyme replicates at least twice a week but the cysts present other issues that ozone in and of itself does not address Lyme well but does support other aspects of the immune system.

Because Lyme and their co-infections are so mysterious I still rife once a week. I am now 2 years post diagnosis. I don't want any back sliding, but I have considered myself cured now for the last year. I did Rife treatments intensively for at least one year, totally leaving behind all the other treatments at 4 months.

These are the frequencies I used:
Lyme: 612, 2016, 432, and 840.6 which is believed to be specific for the cyst or some other more difficult Lyme form.

Bartonella H.: 832 (and I always run it with the Lyme group even if no symptoms) You may have Bart. Q. so test for that.

Mycoplasma: Group 1 = 688, 690, 880.2, 254, 642, 644, 660, 690
Group 2 = 864, 986, 2,900, 688, 690, 880.2

Start the sessions for only a couple of minutes each.. In a short time I was running them for 30 to 45 minutes each on carrier wave 3.300

My total cost for my treatment including the Rife Machine ($2,800 used from Craig’s list) and supplements was about $3,400. I will never give up my ozone and Rife machines.

I must emphasize that persistence is key to treating this disease. Skipping treatments can cause you to back slide. It was a lot of work, especially in the beginning when I was so weak and didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Hope this is helpful to someone someday.


Beach Man

Dec 10, 2008

WELCOME BACK !!! Believe me, you have been sorely missed. Here's hoping you will resume becoming a regular contributor as your Posts are always so informative and useful. As I do a great deal of walking for health purposes, I have been bitten by ticks at least four times in the last five years here in the Northeast where Lyme is practically an epidemic, so I - as well as countless others, I'm sure - truly appreciate your sharing your experience with it and the details of the regimen (course of treatment) you've been using. Again, welcome back and thanks for the great post. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling so much better.

D Bergy

Apr 16, 2006
You know if anyone could beat lyme disease and coinfections, it would be Arrow.

Great job.