1. S

    Interested in BUYING ProGen II Frequency Generator (Resonant Light)

    Greetings! I'm looking for a Resonant Light ProGen II (Pro Gen II) frequency generator with the plasma tube. I am addressing a diagnosis of breast cancer with natural therapies--so if your machine is programmed for cancer or breast cancer, that would be wonderful! Thank you!! Blessings of...
  2. J

    Rife machine treatment, side effects and results?

    Hello, So I have been using the rife machine(model A4) from JW labs for close to a month now. I had to restart the treatment because I made the mistake of jumping ahead and overdoing it. Now my husband and I are both in the same spot when it comes to how we are feeling. Muscle aches...
  3. Arrowwind09

    How I Cured Lyme Disease

    Hello Everyone, Its been a long time since I posted here on Natmedtalk. I've been pretty busy building a house, running a farmer's market and now a bed and breakfast. I've come back to tell you about my experience with Lyme disease and how I cured it. I really have to thank Dan Bergy for his...
  4. kind2creatures

    Rife Machine Questions

    Would a Rife machine be more beneficial for muscle adhesions than light therapy or electrical stimulators? If so, can you tell me why and what is the approximate price of Rife machine, thanks.
  5. D

    New Rife frequency device

    There is a new Rife frequency device available that is actually based on the original Rife device built by Royal Rife in the 1930's. Since I am involved in this type of treatment using it mostly for treating Lyme Disease, I thought I would explain why I think this could be important. Until...
  6. scorpiotiger

    question for Mad Scientist (electrodermal devices)

    Mad Scientist, I don't know much about the setting up and wiring of electrical devices (wish I did). Can you explain in layman's terms why devices like Rife Machine, and the Biomeridian machine are so expensive? It seems to me, in this day and age, measuring differences in skin...