lyme disease

  1. Arrowwind09

    How I Cured Lyme Disease

    Hello Everyone, Its been a long time since I posted here on Natmedtalk. I've been pretty busy building a house, running a farmer's market and now a bed and breakfast. I've come back to tell you about my experience with Lyme disease and how I cured it. I really have to thank Dan Bergy for his...
  2. K

    Lymes, Sleep Apnea, MTHFR, Low Testosterone, Becoming Useless Quickly

    Hello everyone, Any help or guidance will be appreciated. For years now I have watched the health of my husband deteriorate and we've been from doctor to doctor. It seems as if every so often something "new" is wrong with him. We are thinking that we finally are closer to figuring why he...
  3. Arrowwind09

    MS = Lyme Disease

    I find it interesting that if you do a search on MS you can find all kinds of articles for public display at no cost that tell you that MS is an autoimmune disorder. But if you wish to view the articles that demonstrate that MS is actually Lyme disease you have to pay a bunch of money to read...
  4. Arrowwind09

    The Cure For Lyme Disease

    Advice on Lyme ...Please read the rewritten and updated post #7, with new information, thanks.