Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis


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Oct 16, 2007
This is one of those amazing diseases with no true etiology.... so they like to stick the tag of autoimmune or genetic origin. But some sites say that there may be a component of parasite or microbe or toxins at cause,there may be an obstruction in the kidney causing reflux of urine in which case surgery may be of assist? It is associated with HIV at times and also diabetes.

Prognosis is not good. Long term dialysis or Kidney transplant may be required. Long term medications at the least to control symptoms but no cure, and these meds can have significant side effects (translation: side effects mean poisoning effects). Life expectancy is limited and difficult to assess from patient to patient. Up to 20 years is possible, perhaps much longer with a successful transplant

If it were me I'd beconsidering the use of mms to clear out any possible pathogen. And of course if HIV is involved MMS can be helpful for that also. MMS has cured some cases of diabetes. MMS is also known to reduce blood clot formation my making the blood cells nonsticky and free floating as they should be which would help hypercoagability of the blood and is also known to reduce blood lipids, both of these are issues in this disease.

I think that some cases of this disease responds well to ozone therapy via intravenous applications which is another indication that mms may be helpful. I would start calling ozone MD's across the country to get their opinion on the use of ozone. Start with Dr Shallenburger in Nevada and Dr Robert Rowen in California and go from there. Since this is not a very common disease and certainly one that is not frequently treated by any ozone doctor you may have to make many inquireries before you find a doc that is familiar with treatment of it. Since there is no cure in conventional medicine I would really want to rule in or out ozone thereapy and or mms. Here is a list of physicians who do ozone therapy:


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Oct 1, 2007
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My sons friend has this. Any natural supplements known to help? Thanks..

Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
Almost every disease that has no known cause is caused by fungus.

Trying to treat this with steroids, antibiotics, or chemo drugs is a waste of time. They will all make it worse, since steroids and antibiotics fuel the growth of fungus, thus causing more mycotoxins to be created. Chemo drugs, although antifungal, will drain the immune system.

A natural solution would be going on a phase one diet, taking a good probiotic daily, and by supplementing with natural antifungals such as cinnamon extract, grape fruit seed extract, or any extracts containing resveratrol. I would also consider colloidal silver daily and ozone treatments, since fungus is difficult to kill.


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Jul 18, 2008
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The main problem with Glomerulosclerosis is the scarring of the kidney blood vessels that it causes.

Getting rid of the underlying conditions which may be causing the problem,such as diabetes or HIV is necessary before attepting to heal the scarring of the blood vessels.

Humic acid may help to stop the replication of HIV-1 if this is a problem.

Vitamin E is good for healing blood vessel scarring and has shown to help lower Glomerulosclerosis.

and antioxidant therapy may also be useful.

Ecklonia cava is probably the best antioxidant as it inhibits ACE (which is a problem with this disease), lowers blood pressure, increases Nitric Oxide to help increase blood flow and will help combat diabetes.