1. kind2creatures

    Are Any Supplements or Herbs Damaging to the Kidneys?

    Do you know of any particular vitamins, supplements or herbs that are damaging to the kidneys?
  2. kind2creatures

    Dandelions for Organ Health and Cleansing

    Using Dandelions for cleansing/detoxing and health of the liver and kidneys, is very effective. More about Dandelion...
  3. kind2creatures

    Alcoholism - Negative Effects on Organs

    Alcohol is considered a drug, and prolonged dependence on it may result in severe problems with the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract as well as mental and emotional disorders. Deficiencies of many nutrients occur in alcoholics because the alcohol itself satisfies the body's caloric needs...
  4. saved1986

    Hangover: Do not take the tylenol
  5. U

    Detox Foot Bath

    Here's my mother-in-law's story: Her doctors told her that she has kidney damage from the blood pressure drugs she's been taking for a number of years and that she would have to go on dialysis soon. She told her nephrologist she wanted to try natural remedies first and he agreed, saying he was...
  6. S

    Is Jacuzzi bad?

    So theres a jacuzzi at my parents house.. when I lived there I literally went in it everyday for years.. But since moving out I go in a lot less often.. and even more so now as ive learned about some health concerns relating to jacuzzi's.. mostly the fact that the pool man uses lots of...
  7. K


    The secret healing powers of lemons
  8. M

    Organ meats

    Hi, Liver and other organ meats are out of fashion these days. It seems people aren't interested in them anymore as well as other nourishing foods like butter, lard, cream and egg yolks. I"m looking for feedback from people that grew up in a time that wasn't afraid to eat them and had them...
  9. Judie777

    Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

    My sons friend has this. Any natural supplements known to help? Thanks.. Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
  10. S

    Pain Urinating Not An Infection

    I've posted this on another website, but since no one is replying over there, I thought I would bring the topic to this forum, seeing as how it seems to be a bit more active. Ever since I was 11-12, I had pain urinating. In the beginning the pain occurred rarely, but it became more and more...
  11. liverock

    Daily Baking Soda Helps Kidney Patients Its also good for cleaning your teeth and its an anti-fungal as well.