Anyone Tried "Stages of Beauty" products?


Apr 10, 2011
I've started seeing ads about these Stages of Beauty products. The pictures and testimonials are great, but do these products actually work as stated, or just more hype? At 63 my face could use some wrinkle and other help.


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Apr 5, 2009
I'm not that far behind you in age (58), and I've never heard of these products, went to their site and didn't get much info like price and pictures. I've never spent a lot of money on face creams at all. When I was younger I'd buy the cheapest cocoa butter cream, and maybe oil of olay for my face. I've always been suspicious of 'systems', where they sell a product for cleansing, day, night, etc...but that's just me. :)

Since I've matured, I try to lean to more natural products than I used to use. I currently use Alba brand aloe & green tea moisturizer for both day and night use. I've used other Alba moisturizers, and have like them. Also certain Derma-E creams were good for me. My skin is normal to dry.

I like to nourish my skin to a degree from the inside, with supplements. I take a spoonful of coconut oil almost everyday, which can also be applied topically, but I find it too drippy. Also Omega 3 fish oil EVERYday, natural vitamin E, Lutein, etc. Seems to be working good in my case, most people say I look younger than I am. :D

ALBA Moisturizers

PS: For what it's worth...I just remembered that Dr. Oz mentioned on his show that antioxidant facial creams shouldn't be used in the daytime, as the sunlight destroys the antioxidant properties. That they should be saved for night use. Don't know if that's true, it hasn't affected my purchases so far, one way or the other. :p


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Aug 11, 2011
Stages of Beauty - Do Not Use

I ordered these products on 6/30 and was billed on 7/5. On 8/3, when I called them to ask for status, my order was supposed to ship on 7/1 and had not. The rep assumed me on 8/3, that my order would be shipped on 8/3, the same day I called. It is now 8/11 and still no product. I called again to find the product has not shipped so I demanded a refund. Do not do business with Stages of Beauty. They will take you money and you will never see the product. I am out $85. Their Better Business Bureau rating is C-.


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
KimI, I have successfully used the BBB for a couple of vendors. I don't do that unless I feel really ripped off. I've filed complaints and got resolution after the BBB notified the vendor. If you can file a complaint, you really should. Mine have been local, so I don't know whether a non local complaint would have sufficient meaning to the vendor. But it is worth a try. At least you will have registered your opinion for others to see, as you have done here on this site. Thanks for that. For large transactions, it is well worth checking with the BBB for ratings.


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Jan 9, 2012
I sent off for the trial sample but then called and cancelled because I didn't want to pay $64 a month. They said they'd send another trial because I didn't think 18 days was enough time to see a change. They sent me another sample and I have until Jan. 12 to cancel.
I do see a change with this product and I like it. I will call and cancel because I don't think I will use a month's supply in a month. I'd rather order it only when I need it. You should give it a try, it does make a difference.