1. K

    Making Magnesium Oil at Home...different types of magnesium?

    Hi all! I recently bought Isotonix Magnesium to use as a supplement (Citrate and Glycinate, 400 mg; Potassium, 150 mg) to aid in easing my anxiety and sleep problems but found that it created some, erm, intestinal issues when ingested. I am interested in using a transdermal magnesium instead...
  2. A

    Natural healthy sleep aid for unusual circumstances

    I've been taking a 5mg dose of melatonin for the past couple months to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. i work nights 3 days of the week and wake up around 7 the other of the days. Therefore i need a solution for a non drowsy fast acting sleep aid. Things like benadryl and Zzzquil seem...
  3. kind2creatures

    "Non-24" Circadian Rhythm Disorder...Hey, There's A Pill For That!

    Last night I noticed a commercial on the radio last night for a pharmaceutical drug to treat "Non-24"... . I wonder why people have to use this drug with harmful side effects, when they can just buy over-the-counter Melatonin, which has been...
  4. M

    sleeping in is ruining my life but i just can't get out of bed?!

    I could really use the help from a medical professional. I have a debilitating problem where I cannot get out of bed for work or personal commitments.I always feel proud of myself when I get up early and make it to work 10 minutes early, but this is a rare occurrence. I am normally 10-20...
  5. kind2creatures

    A Good Night's Sleep Helps Flush Toxins Out of the Brain

    Information about how a good night's sleep actually helps flush toxins out of the brain...
  6. kind2creatures

    Why Do We Sleep?

    Video with some thoughts...
  7. K

    Bad Sleep 'Dramatically' Alters Body

    Spotted this on Ceefax this morning. A new study from the University of Surrey, England. Very interesting.
  8. J

    WHEN to take magnolia for sleep

    Dr. Oz did a segment on using magnolia extract for sleep by reducing anxiety. He recommended 30 mg for six weeks. I ordered some and want to start taking it, but don't know about the timing. It says take it between meals for rapid effect, or with meals for prolonged effect, BUT I can't find...
  9. jbo

    8 weird tips to help with sleep

    I saw this in an article a week or so ago and the curling and uncurling the toes I thought was non-sense, well I tried it a few nights in a row and it worked for me. It just relaxed me more than I ever would have though. The other 7 things I was already doing...
  10. jbo

    Sleep gets better with age And I thought the reason my sleep was getting better was because every night I: 1) have one glass of wine with dinner 2) drinking calming herbal tea an hour or so before going to sleep 3) Set my alarm to shut everything down...
  11. kind2creatures


    I've always experienced vivid dreams since I was a child, with surprising detail and wonderful colors. I've had lucid dreams, where I know I'm dreaming. If I'm flying, I know it's a dream and can knowingly make the best of it and enjoy. If I'm having a nightmare, sometimes I know it's a dream...
  12. Ted_Hutchinson

    Not sleeping with parents linked to baby’s stress in bath

    Not sleeping with parents linked to baby’s stress in bath
  13. Ted_Hutchinson

    Polio Conference videos

    European Conference on Post Polio Syndrome Post Polio Syndrome - a challenge of today There are a useful set of videos here from a recent conference Watching videos uses up quite a bit of my broadband download allowance so I've installed the free software DOWNLOAD HELPER to my Firefox browser...
  14. Ted_Hutchinson

    Association between weight gain, obesity, and sleep duration

    Association between weight gain, obesity, and sleep duration Abstract OBJECTIVE: Previous research suggests that sleep duration is associated with obesity and weight gain. However, the majority of these studies are of cross-sectional design, with only a few cohort studies. In order to validate...
  15. P

    Sleep problems

    Hi all, I am a 58 year old, healthy male who has been having a problem for quite some time sleeping through the night. I know one problem is that I have a bad disc in my lower back and in combination with a mattress which I feel is too firm could probably be the answer but all in all I still...
  16. truestorytotell

    Slept for 19 hours

    As the title says,the other day i slept for 19 hours,i woke up during my sleep quite a few times bcuz my phone was ringing,eventually all sleepy i managed to put it on silent mode,and continued sleeping untill a lil stressfull phone call woke me up...i know awesome way to wake up,oh and when i...
  17. ozzie


    I have a problem trying to stay awake in the evenings, sometimes falling asleep at 7pm trying to watch favorite shows on telly,it makes me mad as i always wake up when all the good stuff has finished. I get up between 5-30 and 6 am in the mornings, and generally feel good during the day. I was...
  18. kind2creatures

    Can Melatonin Cause Tumors?

    Can high doses or long-term use of Melatonin supplements for sleep cause it to build up in the brain causing tumors? I remember reading something about this a long time ago.
  19. R

    Wake up SUPER TIRED!!!

    Does anyone else wake up SUPER TIRED every single day? I'm like dead to the world when I wake up. It's awful. I sleep 8-9 hours a night and I HATE waking up. I usually have a difficult time falling asleep, but when I do, I am usually sound asleep.
  20. T

    Detox foot pads

    Last night I tried out Kenrico detox foot pads, here is the pad after: I know there is lots of controversy about such pads, the Kinoki pads for sure are a scam. But Kenrico is recommended by the Japanese Society of Preventive & Alternative Medicine. They also have alot of research and peer...