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    How to Decrease Temperature by Two Degrees?

    I hear you can radically increase lifespan by two degrees, and that would be 96.6 Fahrenheit, right? I was wondering, because I was thinking; is there a way to drop your temperature into the increased-longevity range, without caloric restriction (or a bum thyroid, and just feeling grouchy...
  2. kind2creatures

    Dogs Eating Feces (Coprophilia)

    Luckily, I've never had this issue with any of the dogs I've had, but it is a problem for some. Recently I met a woman with four Pugs, one of them regularly ate the stools of the others. I actually witnessed this, while one of her dogs was actually defecating. She was very frustrated with this...
  3. kind2creatures

    Kiwi Revelations

    I love kiwis and buy them often for a healthy snack, here's a good article about their benefits... (more about kiwis...https://www.natmedtalk.com/wiki/Kiwi_Fruit)
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    What can high potassium do to you Laura:roll:
  5. jfh

    Potatoes are largest source of potassium of any fruit or vegetable

    Note who funded the study, but the facts are there. ------- SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 27, 2011 – A frequently expressed concern in the ongoing public health debate is that fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly those that are nutrient dense, are not affordable to the average consumer...
  6. kind2creatures

    Natural Bone Builders

    Most holistic and integrative physicians prefer to look at natural factors that may influence the organic growth and integrity of bone architecture. A recent review provided by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University mentions a number of dietary components that are...
  7. kind2creatures

    Mighty Minerals

    Mighty Minerals These elements play a key role in health and well-being. March 2011 (EnergyTimes) While less famous overall than their vitamin cousins, minerals play roles no less vital in the thousands of bodily functions required to keep the body alive and well. Some, such as...
  8. kind2creatures

    Potatoes - benefits

    Find Out How Potatoes Could Save Your Life by Paul Fassa, citizen journalist (NaturalNews) The commonly held conceptions regarding potatoes as unhealthy are basically false. Their health promoting properties are mostly unknown or ignored. Excluding French fries and potato chips, potatoes...
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    NutraSalt - Low Sodium Sea Salt

    ......I read about this new low sodium, high potassium sea salt on our own forum member Harry Hirsute's blog: http://www.healthyfellow.com/519/sea-salt-surprise/ NutraSalt Wellness Benefits We strive to bring you a balance of enjoyment and health conscious benefits in order to promote...
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    Potassium Normalizes High Blood Pressure

    Potassium normalizes high blood pressure by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) High blood pressure isn't a disease, it's just a noticeable symptom of a physiological imbalance with a biological cause. One of the most common biological causes of this symptom is a...