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    Is it called sleep paralysis?

    I'm not sure where to post this question, but my wife and I are looking for a solution This sounds like sleep paralysis. I experienced something similar two nights in a row a little over a year ago. In my case, after falling asleep with my girlfriend at the time, I awoke but was not certain if I...
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    A Non-conformity is a Mental Illness?

    Wow! of course phyciatrists will agree to this! Just like how doctors wont recommend a remedy food for a symptom, a phyciatrists will verball diagnose you have a mental illness if you are grown up and following your dreams HAHA so ridiculous...
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    Mind chatter

    I am constantly thinking like 24/7 and having discussions in my head, my brain wont stop thinking, i have used glycine suppliment which helpt me in the first week and than it looses the effect, i am wondering if anyone here have the same problem and what vitamin has used to treat that symptom
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    Steve Jobs Vs Steve Wozniak

    Steve Jobs eats no meat other than fish and is a vegetarian. Steve Wozniak, on the other hand, eats junk food. Steve Jobs ended up with cancer, though, not Steve Wozniak. BUT, Steve Wozniak seems to be a much happier person. Perhaps, the state of mind has more of an influence on our...