1. kind2creatures

    Kombucha Benefits

    Some benefits of Kombucha...http://www.naturalnews.com/041051_ko...nks_SCOBY.html
  2. kind2creatures

    Kombucha Tea Dangerous to Your Health?

    I don't drink it regularly, but we enjoy kombucha every now and then, particularly like the kind with the chia seeds. I initially tried it as suggested by Saved1986. Here's an article addressing new false claims that is is dangerous to your health.
  3. saved1986

    Here it is (lovaza)

    LOVAZA A CHEMICALLY altered fish oil which does not reduce heart disease: http://www.rxlist.com/lovaza-drug.htm Why not just take a good brand of fish oil?????????????????? (Which has been shown to actually reduce heart disease)
  4. saved1986

    Kombucha update

    Now that they pulled it off the shelves, there are brands coming bak. A buddy of mine in NYC bought a bottle. He said it did not taste the same. More sugar and less fermentation. This tells me the powers that be pulled it because people were getting positive benefits from it.
  5. saved1986

    Partial Success (gut, probiotics)

    Friend of mine has been having some gut issues and the doc did a blood test which came out fine and told him to eat yogurt. He replied "I do eat yogurt",. I turned him on to iherb.com and told him to get a package of ohiras probiotics. He took them for a couple weeks and said he is not...