1. dolphingirl4

    Hormone Imbalance & Weight Gain

    Hello! I would love some insight, but if not it's okay. Simply venting all this may help me some. So I really need to make some changes to diet and lifestyle. In the last year, really less than that, I have gained more than 20 lbs. I've been a bit overweight for several years, but this is the...
  2. A

    Natural Hormone Detox

    About 3 months ago, I stopped brith control pills and since then, its been a crazy ride. I have experienced cramping, nausea, headaches, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, heavy periods and brain fog. I still get the symptoms today but it is not as intense, the only thing I can't seem to get rid of...
  3. A

    Natural healthy sleep aid for unusual circumstances

    I've been taking a 5mg dose of melatonin for the past couple months to help me fall asleep and stay asleep. i work nights 3 days of the week and wake up around 7 the other of the days. Therefore i need a solution for a non drowsy fast acting sleep aid. Things like benadryl and Zzzquil seem...
  4. kind2creatures

    CENEGENICS (Age "Management")-Worth the Cost, or Just Another Ripoff?

    I have heard many advertisements on the radio for Cenegenics. They seem to have invested a lot of money for an extensive advertising campaign to attract new customers into their program. They appear to be an 'age management' business, which provides medical tests, nutritional and exercise...
  5. kind2creatures

    Low Testosterone Causes and Natural Treatments

    Many aging men have issues with low testosterone. Here is information on the causes, and what can be done naturally to raise testosterone...
  6. S

    Spotting after ovulation - Vitex Chasteberry or Maca?

    Hello there! I just turned 30 years old and about 5 months ago I've been regularly spotting dark brown color blood right after my ovulation and it goes all the way until my period comes. My period, ovulation and spotting are very regular. I have only one week, (that is when I am ovulating) with...
  7. kind2creatures

    The Menopausal Heart

    Hormonal changes during menopause can increase cardiac risks, learn what you can do to stay heart-healthy...https://energytimes.com/pages/features/0213/meno.html
  8. truestorytotell


    Ive been drinking Soya milk for months now occasionally with cereal usually... Its almost 2013 and i go to read about Soya and i get contradicting stories all around, does someone know for a fact if its Good or Bad for the human body to consume Soya??
  9. S


    Hi all hope someone here can help me. I had a hysterectomy last fall for stage 1 cancer and my body has been through so much. I didn't have to take chemo or radiation but my hormones are gone. I have had issues of anxiety so bad with a little depression. So everyone said diet and exericise...
  10. kind2creatures

    Nausea Relief During Pregnancy

    Some tips and herbs that may reduce nausea during pregnancy...
  11. L

    HEB Selling Lunchmeat Free of Nitrates/Antibiotics

    How do you feel about this? HEB now sells its central market brand of lunch meat that says free from antibiotics/hormones and no added nitrates/nitrites. Do you care, don't care, think its still gross, think its a step in the right direction, etc?
  12. kind2creatures

    Healthy Milk: What Is It?

    Insights and info about milk...https://www.anh-usa.org/healthy-milk-what-is-it/
  13. M

    Hormone Test Results are in

    I decided to get my hormones tested and the results are in: Estradiol saliva 0.5 (Low) Range is1.3-3.3 Progesterone saliva 54611 (High) Range is 200-3000 Testosterone saliva 75 (High) Range is...
  14. B

    Glandulars...good or bad?

    Do glandulars cause the glands to atrophy? Someone told me this, which I never heard of before. I am taking glandulars for my thyroid (Biotics GTA Forte II) and Adrenals (Thorne Cortrex). Should I be avoiding glandulars? What are other ways to support my hypoactive thyroid and adrenal...
  15. kind2creatures

    Chemicals Found In Milk

    According to a recent study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists have found through analysis that one single glass of milk can contain a delightful (or not) medley of up to 20 different kinds of painkillers, antibiotics and growth hormones...
  16. M

    Getting a hormone panel

    Has anyone had success or think it's valuable to get a hormone panel? I'm being seen by a hematologist and he's recommending a hormone panel in the next couple weeks. I've been taking progesterone cream for about three months and am seeing fat deposits in places they've never been before.
  17. kind2creatures

    Fighting Menopausal Spread

    Tips for avoiding weight-gain during menopause. https://www.energytimes.com/pages/features/1106/meno.html
  18. kind2creatures

    Raising Testosterone Levels Naturally

    Raising testosterone levels naturally can boost a man’s health and well-being. By Lisa James (EnergyTimes) February 2011 If there is anything that can be called the ultimate male essence, it is testosterone. Turning an embryo into a boy and a boy into a man, this hormone fuels masculine...
  19. revzen

    Sex Drive!

    I don't have one:cry: why I hear you ask!!! I put it down to the operations I have had, which started in 2004 with the removal of my large colon, and the second operatio followed 6 weeks later when they reversed my colostomy. Again in 2006 I had a desmoid tumor removed from my abdomen. So...
  20. Ted_Hutchinson

    Fluorescent Lighting and Toxicity

    Fluorescent Lighting and Toxicity 50 minutes video that is worth watching. I'll need to watch it again before I comment. And there is a lot more here that I'll investigate.