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  1. J

    Help with Pulmonary edema

    Hi I wonder if anyone can give me any advice. I am a newbie here so apologies if there are already multiple posts on this subject but i couldn't really see any. My mother has recently come out of hospital diagnosed with Pulmonary edema. Up until a month ago she was totally fine, completely...
  2. E

    Tip For A Healthy Heart

    Hi All, Let me guide you through some simple steps to make your heart healthier. 1. Simply walk Walking is one the of the most effective way to keep your heart healthier. There are several campaigns out their explaining the benefits of walking. Check out this pdf...
  3. O

    Wife has a heart "squeak or tap."

    My wife has had for a few years what some have called a "heart squeak." How I describe it as when you have a pan turned over, and the faucet drips on it repeatedly. :shock: Initially, it wasn't "much of an issue." However, in the last couple of years, things have gotten worse. The main, family...
  4. N

    Oily Foods....

    Every single day we eat various foods. These foods contain vast amount of oil and oil is the main cause of heart disease.That is why we should avoid having oily food to control the heart disease...
  5. H

    How to help heart cope with Severe heat and cold

    The best environmental temperature for the human body is 72°F (22 ºC). This temperature is recommended to be maintained in the room where a person sleeps. Sudden temperature changes are particularly dangerous for the health. At first the reserve forces of the body to help the heart work, but the...
  6. kind2creatures

    Vitamin K2 (MK-7) May Prevent Inflammation

    I've been using vitamin K2 for bone and arterial health, but it now is shown to be very helpful in preventing inflammation. Here are some more benefits of vitamin K2...
  7. revzen

    What they DID NOT teach you in school [Clive De Carle]

    What they DID NOT teach you in school - Clive De Carle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVgRDQfDaas Clive has a laid back delivery, not unlike myself, and in this presentation dispatches some vital information regarding natural remedies. I'll be watching this a second time to soak in the...
  8. N

    About Nordic Naturals and Ultimate Omega+CoQ10

    Hello to all members, I’m new here on this forum, this looks like a great resource to improve the most valuable facet of our being (health). In case my spelling would be off I apologize English is not my native language. (I do my best and learning everyday). My questions: About Nordic...
  9. saved1986

    Eat those nuts!

  10. kind2creatures

    The Menopausal Heart

    Hormonal changes during menopause can increase cardiac risks, learn what you can do to stay heart-healthy...http://energytimes.com/pages/features/0213/meno.html
  11. M

    High Blood Pressure During Exercise

    My blood pressure is oscillating a lot. When i'm resting my blood pressure is 130/70, but right after exercising it got as high as 230/90. Is it normal? I'm worried, and I don't know what to do.
  12. J

    Heart Problems @ 16

    It's the year 2070 and the life exeptency of human being is now just 25. Mainly this due to the rich food and being over weight. For me in 2012 being a teen with several heart problems I hope for a better tomorrow. I know the odds are against me to live to productive or even a long life but I...
  13. jfh

    Advise to the heart patient

    A very interesting article on heart health. http://www.thedoctorwithin.com/heart/To-the-Heart-Patient/ Excerpt: