1. A

    How to fight a gum infection?

    My wisdom teeth are coming in and a bit of my gum tore open and now I have a little white and red sore on my gums. I really don't want it to get to the point where I have to go to my dentist and get antibiotics because I get really bad side effects with them. And I am just about to go on a...
  2. kind2creatures

    Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil Decreased Plaque and Gingivitis

    I do a little oil pulling with coconut oil, makes sense that it would help with teeth and gums.
  3. kind2creatures

    Hydrogen Peroxide Harmful to Teeth and Gums

    I was using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash in place of Listerine, but they say that it is harmful to the teeth and gum tissue...
  4. G

    White stuff on gums

    White stuff on the gums, what is it? I'm not sure what this is and my doctor has recommended me to see an ear, throat, and nose doctor to find out for sure because she wasn't an expert on gums and could only make educated guesses. This happened within a week of finishing antibiotics for...
  5. M

    Strong teeth

    What would you guys do if you wanted to make sure your child's teeth developed properly?
  6. B

    Child has 10 cavities!! He has an all natural, low sugar diet. What can we do?!!

    The title says it all. My 4-year has 10 cavities. He eats an all-natural diet full of vegies and fruit. Desserts are rare in our house. When we do have them, they are gluten-free and usually made with agave nectar as the sweetner. The dentist said we need to use flouride toothpaste and...
  7. kind2creatures

    Oral Lichen Planus Alternatives

    Here's some useful information on Oral Lichen Planus (OLP). This is an autoimmune disease which creates inflammation in the mouth area, and can affect the gums, palate, tongue and esophagus.
  8. kind2creatures

    Licorice Root for Oral Infections and Gum Disease

    Licorice Root for oral infections/gum disease...
  9. kind2creatures

    Cranberry (Health Jewel)

    Health Jewel The shiny red cranberry confers benefits that go beyond a healthy urinary tract. By Lisa James (EnergyTimes) April 2011 It was once thought simply to play a supporting role in the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal. But today the humble cranberry has become a natural medicine...
  10. kind2creatures

    Omega 3s Prevent and May Reverse Gum Disease

    Omega-3 fatty acids prevent and may reverse gum disease naturally by S. L. Baker, features writer (NaturalNews) Periodontitis is an extremely common, and often painful, inflammatory disease of the gums. It causes tissue to separate from teeth, resulting in the accumulation of bacteria and...
  11. F

    teeth and gum pain!!! ASAP

    My left front tooth and the one next to it hurt very bad every time I touch them. They even move a little bit. At the very top of my gums (above my left front tooth) it hurts very bad when I apply pressher and my left cheek and left side lips feel a lil swolen. My gums are a pinkish color and...
  12. kind2creatures

    Grapefruit Seed Extract and Tooth Enamel

    I have some gum issues and would like to start using Grapefruit Seed Extract on my toothbrush everyday, as recommended in another thread by Marcus. It seems to me that it would be very acidic, I know it has a low pH. Is it safe for your teeth to use GSE everyday :confused:
  13. D.O.

    Please Help; I'm too young for this!

    I am in my mid 20's and for the last few months my teeth have been brittle, decaying, falling out, and I have had a surprisingly increased amount of cavities. I have no gum bleeding. But do have fine "cracks", as well as the breaking seems to begin around the gums. There have been many...
  14. S

    HELP! Front tooth is loose!

    :!: I just noticed that my front right tooth is slightly loose! What can I do? Please respond!
  15. G

    Mouth infections

    Does anyone know of any good home remedy for treating mouth irritations? I have raw, infamed tissue inside my cheek & in the crevice beside my bottom teeth. It makes eating very difficult. Thanks, Eve