1. G

    Extremely ill for over 3 months, please help!

    I tried to post, but not sure it went through, sorry for any duplication. I have been very ill for over 3 months. Prior to this, I was noticing just feeling generally unwell, quite toxic and fatigued. I kept pushing onward to work only having a routine set of labs done to be sure nothing...
  2. cyber-junkie

    Digestive enzymes

    I have been trying to help my stomach, it's been bad for years, I have had many people tell me I need to take digestive enzymes which I have begun taking, how do you know when you are taking the correct amount? do you go to heartburn or indigestion and then back off some or will that be to much?
  3. B

    Plant vs animal-based digestive enzymes

    Can taking plant-based digestive enzymes lead to fungal overgrowth, since these are made with aspergillus (and perhaps other fungi/bacteria)? Which are better: Plant-based enzymes or animal-based enzymes (like pancreatin, ox bile, etc)?
  4. L


    I think this Bloating could be cause from being Depressed all the time for many years so this is what I will do and tell me what you think and I'm open to any suggestions. I have had Stomach and mostly bloating problems for the last 4 years with bad bloating the last 2 months and very bad...
  5. E

    Digestive Enzymes?

    What's a good all around brand of Digestive Enzymes? :confused:
  6. cyber-junkie

    Get the Gut right?

    Hi How do you get the gut right? I am a 50 yr. old, moderate health problems but from the time I was in my teens have had a swollen looking belly, I have had lot's of antibiotics over lot's of years, (for every little sneeze) and have just begun taking some digestive enzymes (digest gold) a...