1. larrybuckley90

    How do you use periotomes for extraction?

    Periotome is used by gently pushing it down in the PDL space towards the root apex, often used with a mallet for minimal tapping force. The periotomes can be used as a lever as well.
  2. larrybuckley90

    Are you looking best dental surgical instruments

    If you are looking for a wide variety and best quality dental surgical instruments then consider purchasing from GerDentUSA. The dental instruments are available in several variations to assist the medical practitioner superiorly.
  3. larrybuckley90

    What Is Swollen Behind The Front Teeth?

    A common issue is swelling behind the front teeth. It occurs when the gums are infected. For instance, the person will suffer from gingivitis, requiring proper treatment.
  4. kind2creatures

    Oil Pulling Benefits Can't Be Denied, Not Just Dental!

    I've done oil pulling in the past using coconut oil, but never did it long term to study any overall positive effects. Some immediate results besides the feeling of clean teeth, was expelling some mucus that was in the throat area, that was almost immediate. Here's an article worth a read...
  5. K

    Coconut Oil and Tooth Decay

    A research study in Ireland has discovered that coconut oil can help prevent tooth decay. Very early days yet, but one has the feeling this discovery could revolutionize personal dental hygiene in years to come.
  6. 7

    Dentist told me to knock off diet soda

    I hadn't been able to give up one or two diet sodas a day even though I knew it wasn't great drink. But in my last dental visit, the dentist asked what I drank during the day, and strongly discouraged diet soft drinks. He said they contain three kinds of acid! His recommendation was green...
  7. kind2creatures

    Xylitol Benefits

    An article with some information about the benefits of Xylitol for dental health, diabetic-friendly sweetener, etc.
  8. D

    Going abroad for dental treatment??

    Recently, while searching on the Internet I noticed there are lots of companies that offer dental services at really acceptable prices. The only thing is that the companies are abroad. Would you trust to go abroad for dental treatment?
  9. M

    Making my own toothpaste, trials and tribulations

    Hi everyone Ive been having a go at making my own toothpaste the last couple of days aswell and have not been having much luck. The sodium b, like another member mentioned in another post is too rough on my gums, the glycerine for some odd reason seems to heat up naturally when out of the...
  10. M

    Big problems

    Uhhhh, where do I begin? Last August I went to Mexico and got two root canals removed, 10 amalgams removed (he used Hal Huggings protocol for mercury removal) and a crown replaced - all in the same visit. I now have what's called a tattoo in one of the extraction sites....mercury! The...
  11. kind2creatures

    Toxic Fluoride in Infant Fruit Juices

  12. D.O.

    Please Help; I'm too young for this!

    I am in my mid 20's and for the last few months my teeth have been brittle, decaying, falling out, and I have had a surprisingly increased amount of cavities. I have no gum bleeding. But do have fine "cracks", as well as the breaking seems to begin around the gums. There have been many...
  13. S

    HELP! Front tooth is loose!

    :!: I just noticed that my front right tooth is slightly loose! What can I do? Please respond!