1. kind2creatures

    Fiber for Intestinal Health, Immune Support and Healthy Bowel Function

    Find out about various fiber such as insoluble, soluble, prebiotic and immune supporting. View their sources and their function with improving intestinal health, controlling cholesterol and healthy bowel function on an easy to understand...
  2. saved1986

    Someone with IBS and GERD

    What would you recommend. I recommended Fish oil (which he takes) and ginger root capsules. What has succeeded that you have seen.
  3. kind2creatures

    Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

    An informative article about Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats, and the dangers of some conventional treatments. Also some natural options...
  4. kind2creatures

    Flax Seed Eases Menstrual Pain

    Flax seed may be a natural alternative to cope with menstrual pain.
  5. S

    Shedding in my poo? (with a pic this time) WTF is that?

    Okay.. so ive complained on here before about what seems like intestinal shedding in my poo.. its not every time.. seemed to have started a few months ago.. comes and goes.. seems to coincide with irritation in my GI tract of some sort.. anyway, the past 2 days ive noticed some definite...
  6. S

    Intestinal shedding?

    So ive noticed this on/off for a while.. Sometimes when I poo, this sort of see-through jelly like skin stuff comes out with it.. Almost looks like wet toilet paper.. but its not.. its the lining of my intestine shedding off I believe. Anyone else experience this? I had'nt experienced it for a...