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  1. B

    Food Addiction

    I looked elsewhere for support from this and got some rude judgements.. I'm not looking for "get professional help". I do regular therapy. I've been to support groups. That's not what I want, and I'm a little defensive now but hopefully I can find something here as everyone has been great in...
  2. B

    Sexual Addiction Supplements?

    Please help, I am at a loss of what to do. I have struggled with sexual addiction from the age of 15, and somehow I thought it was "gone" but recently realized it's still there strong and causing a lot of problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. I have uncontrollable sexual thoughts and...
  3. Ted_Hutchinson

    What's really causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic What Kids Say

    What's really causing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic What Kids Say Do try to watch the whole presentation bit sad but have to understand what is at the root of overeating.
  4. saved1986

    Facebook addiction

  5. S


    I've been reading some great stories about Kratom having some results when used to control chronic pain or withdrawal from addiction. Has anyone here have any more information or any first hand experience from Kratom use? :confused: