1. 7

    Dentist told me to knock off diet soda

    I hadn't been able to give up one or two diet sodas a day even though I knew it wasn't great drink. But in my last dental visit, the dentist asked what I drank during the day, and strongly discouraged diet soft drinks. He said they contain three kinds of acid! His recommendation was green...
  2. O

    I think I have acid reflux.

    I've had these symptoms since Halloween of 2010. My symptoms: -Chronic post-nasal drip -Chronic throat clearing, chronic sore throat -Indigestion I've seen an allergist and got tested -- I didn't come up positive for anything. I was prescribed several steroids and a week's worth of...
  3. M

    fulvic/humic acid

    This product claims to be used since the 14th century and the Hunza's use it too. BUT the product I have has listed in it's ingredients: uranium, chlorine, aluminum, cadmium, cesium, nickel, and a ton of other non-recognizable elements as well as well known good minerals like calcium, chromium...
  4. L

    Why Aren't Probiotics Killed in Your Stomach (acid)

    Are alot of good bacteria killed when you eat them (in the form of probiotics) by your stomach acid? If not, why not?
  5. cyber-junkie

    Get the Gut right?

    Hi How do you get the gut right? I am a 50 yr. old, moderate health problems but from the time I was in my teens have had a swollen looking belly, I have had lot's of antibiotics over lot's of years, (for every little sneeze) and have just begun taking some digestive enzymes (digest gold) a...
  6. K

    Stomach acid pills alert!

    Do you take drugs for stomach acid? If so, they may be causing a severe magnesium deficiecy which could result in heart and nervous system problems
  7. Arrowwind09

    Candida - Seeking the Cure

    Well finally, my candida issue is hitting like a mack truck... I have had minor issues since around the age of 17 or 18...and the idiot doc at that time gave me two whopping syringes of pennicillin! After that,, thats when my distrust of doctors started... anyway, I have always been able to...