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    For all you cancer and candida sufferers this one is for you babies.

    I know this is an old post, but I can't agree with it more. Natural "occurring" sugars are something I am convinced I need (I'll speak for myself). Right now I am starting to work against what I believe could be the Candida fungus "over-growth". I am starting with using a supplement as I was...
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    Nasal Polyps

    I know someone that just went through surgery. He is only in the recovery stages so no info on how life will be now, but he had almost complete blockage, and was so tired of not being able to breath right. I found this "top rated" post, it got 5 stars, but I'll let each decide. I think I may...
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    acid reflux, silent reflux (LPR) + conflicting info online

    Hi folks, I am struggling to try to find out all I can about acid reflux, silent reflux (lpr) and am lined up for an Endoscopy by a General Surgeon. I still want to find out all I can on my own, but I am pulling out my hair by reading articles online, and finding such conflicting...
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    Feverfew &/or Turmeric

    I am considering starting both of these alternative remedies. The feverfew is for Migraine (mine of Hemiplegic and had first one when about 3 years old, 64 now). The Turmeric is something I try to get into my food such as sprinking over an omelette but feel the pills will get the amount I need...
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    My sis got water-retention & Skin rash w/itchie

    it's going on a month or more, although I'm not sure, could be longer. Her doc gave her prednizone I think it was, will find out for sure on that. But just talked to her this a.m. and she is really delving into some alternatives because it isn't completely going away yet. I want to ask anyone...
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    Acid Reflux/GERDS

    I want to get the opinions of people who have this condition, and what they think about all the restrictions some "articles" put on nutritional needs. I eat very healthy, and I use spices, garlic, raw veggies including onions, and my oils (mainly Olive Oil). I've studied these things and they...