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  1. J

    Dr. Mercola's website being taken down

    Dr. Mercola has made an announcement on his website explaining in further detail, so please check it out very soon. Apparently he will continue to post new information, but the posts will remain for only 48 hours. All the years of helpful health information are going to be gone.
  2. J

    Dr. Mercola's website being taken down

    I just found out that Dr. Mercola is going to take his web site down in 24-48 hours because of numerous death threats! I guess his book "The Truth about Covid-19" hit a bit too close for some. You may want to log on to the site and check out information you want to make sure you have. What a...
  3. J

    Type 2: Dangerous Problems Caused by a Heatwave

    From Dr. Mercola's site 7/27/2018 Heatwaves are known to exacerbate many health conditions, but if you have Type 2 diabetes, you may not be aware that injected insulin is absorbed more quickly in warm weather, and it can cause fluctuations in your glucose levels that can make them dangerously...
  4. J

    A Miracle for my Fibromyalgia

    I have had fibromyalgia for at least 20 years and, not much of anything has helped. Even my chiropractor says that what he does is helping keep me from getting much worse, it hasn’t helped me get much better either! Recently I turned 70 and have been having a lot of Parkinson’s-type symptoms...
  5. J

    Iodine Supplements Used Successfully for Diabetes and Other Diseases at Higher Doses

    Published 1/4/2018 in Health Impact News: by Paul Fassa The importance of iodine supplementation is a topic found in the alternative health media, mostly to regulate thyroid activity. But the importance of iodine for other organs and its function as a disease fighter and preventive are not...
  6. J

    Fibromyalgia has a Signature

    I found this particularly heartening as my Kaiser doctor (who was replaced soon after this comment) said: "Your pain is just psychosomatic. You only hurt because you think you do." I knew she was wrong, but it was a true revelation when I saw infrared thermography of the nerves in my back with...
  7. J

    Benadryl Hallucinations

    Has anyone else ever experienced these hallucinations? If so, how long did it take for them to go away after discontinuing Benadryl (or similar drug)?
  8. J

    Wow! I didn't know about Smile.Amazon.com!

    I just heard about Amazon donating 0.5% of each sale to the charity of your choice if you purchase through Smile.Amazon! My choice was The Gentle Barn. You can go to GentleBarn.org to learn about them AND to sign up for them to be your charity choice. There is a book about them too, called The...
  9. J

    YIKES! Glyphosphate in Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream!

    Ben and Jerry's faces boycott threats after a new study uncovers a major ingredient in weedkillers in ice cream Business Insider KATE TAYLOR Jul 25th 2017 7:59PM Ben & Jerry's — a brand famous for its quality and eco-friendly practices — is under fire after a test uncovered a controversial...
  10. J

    Bursitis in knee

    I hope someone has some help for me. I was in the ER Friday night with the worst pain I've ever experienced in my left knee. I now have a leg immobilizer and am on a walker. The orthopedic doctor who examined the x-rays and CT scan and, based on where it hurt when he pressed various points in...
  11. J

    Glyphosate, another hidden danger in vaccines!!

  12. J

    Subliminal Messages for Healing

    I would like to pass along my experiences listening to subliminal CDs directed at healing specific health problems. Blood Pressure - My blood pressure used to be high and fluctuated wildly, always very high at Kaiser (great case of white coat syndrome). I purchased a blood pressure CD and...
  13. J

    Aloe Vera is a great diabetes aid

    From the HIS (Health Sciences Institute) e-mail newsletter 7/7/2016 You may think of Aloe vera as just a cooling gel to use if you get a sunburn. But this cactus-like plant can do a lot more than just soothe skin. It turns out that it may be a diabetic's best friend! A just-out study from...
  14. J

    The Coming Anti-biotic resistance disaster

  15. J

    Melatonin and Cancer

    From Dr. Frank Shallenberger's Second Opinion e-mail newsletter 6/10/2012 I have been championing the cause of melatonin for years now. An increasing number of studies indicate that melatonin protects normal cells from radiation and chemotherapy while at the same time reducing cancer-cell...
  16. J

    Uh oh, Bayer to buy Monsanto?

    http://www.aol.com/article/2016/05/23/bayer-offers-to-buy-monsanto-for-62-billion/21381866/ How about a little Roundup in your aspirin?
  17. J

    Eggs contain insulin? What the heck?

    In the May 9, 2016, issue of The National Enquirer (I know, not the best source for health info, obviously), there is a blurb entitled "Eat Your Way to Better Sleep." Here it is: "Your diet plays a key role in getting a healthy night's sleep. Chocolate is a definite no-no for bedtime because...
  18. J

    Anyone with experience with "Alzheimer's X Protocol"?

    I have a friend who is descending into Alzheimer's. I just watched a presentation about Alzheimer's X Protocol, but wonder if it's just yet another scam. Anyone with any personal experience or knowledge about it?
  19. J

    ACE test may help many

    I'm currently enrolled in a program in the Sacramento, California, area called "Second Nature Health Training." They teach healthy eating (although I think they stress carbs way too much (albeit healthy ones), especially for a diabetic such as myself. They teach mindfulness, other aspects of...
  20. J

    Oklahoma Doctor Claims $300 "Jesus Shot" can cure chronic pain

    http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/03/18/oklahoma-doctor-claims-300-jesus-shot-can-cure-chronic-pain.html?icid=maing-grid7%7Cmaing13%7Cdl9%7Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D-804385469 Interesting, any comments?