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    Moles-removing naturally

    Just used something called "black salve" on a not so nice looking black mole on my face (probably cancerous or pre-cancerous) the salve pulled all the black out of the mole and now it doesn't look harmful. My friend that introduced me to the "black salve" said it has intelligence and knows what...
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    Itchy spot on my leg (photo)

    I have a roundish area on my back that itches and itches...and from years of scratching it the skin there is discolored. I feel mine was a brown recluse bite because the poison or whatever is there the body can't seem to get rid of, but could be something else :(
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    I have a friend that has psoriasis, I just saw a health special that one of the speakers said psoriasis was caused by excess copper in the liver and to get it under control you need to drink fresh celery juice daily. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
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    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Thanks Arrow for the links, this is getting into the bone marrow and ovaries, is this normal for a vaccine?
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    Bump This has been around for a few years now, does anyone have anything to add?
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    Is John Ellis water more snake oil?

    Anyone heard of or used John Ellis water? The website says this water "will attack cancer cells"
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    2003ProGen4050 Rife Resonant Light need repair

    Did you ever get this working?
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    oxygenated water supplements

    Thanks for the response. Congratulations on beating cancer, it's an ugly disease. Never herd of DMG, I would probably benefit from raising my o2 levels and i'm sure my family member would benefit also, will do some research on that, would you think any brand good to use?
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    oxygenated water supplements

    There are several products that you add to water that "claim" to help oxygenate water and say it will oxygenate the body and help the body to become more alkaline. A family member has a client that says they worked on a product called "Liph" containing water, liquid silicon dioxide and sodium...
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    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Interesting and thanks for the reply's. I haven't had the "flu" in years and years but this year I had something that I would have called the flu, I ached for a few days, bad congestion, no energy (that is still not back to where it was prior to) lost most of my sense of smell and taste, and...
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    COVID Vaccine or not?

    Who will you take the vaccine or not? I don't know much about vaccines other than what I have been told, that they introduce a mutated or inactive form of the virus to make the body create antibodies, is this true? And if so would catching it and developing antibodies naturally be better...
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    Need opinions now...Please!

    My 95 year old dad just fell and broke his femur, they hospital is calling it a hip/leg fracture and recommending surgery, at his age is this the correct road to be going down? Thanks for any help
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    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    I have a machine made by the silver edge, ionic silver with no starter solution required, I think it is a good one.
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    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    Thanks, Im trying collodial silver, very soothing...should have just treated it with that myself, mistake no. 1 in a series of them.
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    Ear infection and medical establishment screwup

    I came down with an ear infection couple of weeks ago, inatially I used some home made collodial silver, it got a little better, kinda held it's ground but didn't go away (probably din't use it long enough) I went to my PCP (the MD is alternative and holestic) anyway, she prescribed amox-clav...