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Default Himalayan salt found high in fluoride

Here's some info. on Himalayan salt being found high in fluoride. I'll be using Celtic sea salt from now on.


Here's most of the article:

Over the last few years a new scam has emerged in Europe which is rapidly
spreading across the world.

It involves ordinary rock salt from the "salt range" in Pakistan being marketed
as luxurious and healing "Himalaya Salt".

It is also sold as "Himalayan Crystal Salt", "Hunza-Kristallsalz" or natural
"Kristallsalz", "VitaSal", "AromaLife", etc..

The scam is currently being introduced in India and the United States.

It will result in very high overall fluoride intake in anyone who follows the
various "therapy recommendations".

What happened?

During the late 1990s recordings started to appear in Germany, featuring a
monologue by a self-proclaimed "biophysicist" named Peter Ferreira.

The monologue centered around the "marvelous healing energies" of "Himalaya
Salt" (Himalaya Salz) and "living waters" (Lebendiges Wasser) -> mineral or
springwaters ("Quellwasser").

This special salt was allegedly coming from the high mountain regions of the
Himalayas, "untouched by human contamination", containing "84 elements
essential to human health". The tape was copied and passed on by thousands.

The salt was sold at a price much higher than ordinary salt, up to 200 times as
much. It was common to see it being sold for 24 Euros per kilogram.

Lectures were organized and a video called "Water & Salt" ("Wasser & Salz") was
shown to packed houses (Zeit & Geist, 2002). A book with the title "Water & Salt
- Essence of Life" by Peter Ferreira and Dr. med. Barbara Hendel became a
runaway bestseller in 2002 - simply by word of mouth, even spawning a glossy
magazine with the same title. [The book is currently being translated into
English and slated for release in the US.]

Within months "Himalaya Salt" became all the rage in Switzerland, Austria and
Germany, quickly spreading to Denmark, Holland and other European countries.

The European alternative health industry was quick to jump on the bandwagon and
an article on "Himalaya Salt" praising its superior qualities to conventional
salt became the most-read article on the German site of "Alternative Health"
("Alternative Gesundheit).

"Himalaya Salt" sales are consistently in the Top 10 of "alternative health

Originally marketed on the Internet, there are now countless varieties of
products containing "Himalaya Salt" available, including herbal salts, bath
salts, facial masks, cosmetic lines, as well as salt lamps and tealights.

Many international websites can now be found praising and selling this "Elixir
of Live", "Fountain of Youth", or "salt of life".

The salt comes as fine salt to be used for cooking, or as salt crystals or
blocks of salt, to be used for daily "sole" drinks and baths, oral rinses, eye
baths, and inhalation therapy.

In addition, the salt is marketed extensively for other uses, and there are now
tealights or "salt lamps" (used as natural "ionizers"), a complete cosmetic line
including soaps, facial sprays, body lotions, "peeling" lotions, hand creams,
steam bath aids, sauna aids, bath salts with rose petals, and shower gels.

Origin of "Himalaya Salt"

It is claimed that the "magic salt" is coming from the Karakorum (Ferreira,
2002). However, as pointed out by the group TourismWatch (No.28 and No.30) there
is no salt mine to be found anywhere in this Himalayan region. Most of the salt
was coming from the second largest salt mine in the world, in Pakistan.

After the boom began, it was found that even ordinary road salt was being sold
as "Himalaya Salt" by ruthless opportunists.
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