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Default Alternative Therapy for MANY issues!! Help!

Hello to all! Thanks in advance for reading this, too/helping out!

This post, actually, is about my mom, not me, who is suffering from a slew of things. I want to find her the best help that I can!

I do not trust the mainstream medical community for *most* things unless there is absolutely no other option.

As for what I'm trying to find alternative healing methods for, they are as follows: She's been suffering with hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disorder that causes neuropathy (i.e. her entire left arm is totally numb-crazy, I know!), and recently was just diagnosed with some sort of spinal disease-I think it's called cervical spinolosis? (I'm not 100% sure if that's spelled right.)

On top of all the other conditions she's been diagnosed with, the spine thing is VERY new. Within a week. Her doctor said she needed immediate surgery but she has refused this advice in the past (specifically when she collapsed her lung and refused to get a breathing tube-and her lungs miraculously healed all on their very own!)

Is there anything she can do to help not only her other existing conditions but also her spine issue? I think what happened is that there's A) compression of vertebrae/nerves and B) herniated discs. I've considered telling her about the healing benefits of raw foods, but I'm not sure if that would completely heal her or if she'd be up for the challenge!

Ah. So frustrated! Sorry this is SO long! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again!

**Side Note: We live in the los angeles area so if you know of any places out here/people to talk to, that's an extra 10 brownie points haha.
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