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Default Genetics and Health issues

I recently learned that there were double Cousins who Married in my Maternal Grandfathers Family..my Grandfather was born without Toenails.A Sister died at a young age from Breast Cancer.Another Sister was Born without a Uterus,and the other 2 Sister's didn't bear Children either.My Mother's Parents first Baby died at 11 Day's from a Sinus Infection that literally popped his Eyes from the Sockets.A Cousin never lost her Baby Teeth and has Fibromyalgia (among many other ailments),one of her Sister's has Canine Teeth and the oldest Sister of the 5 Kids has Fibro,had a Stroke,Chronic Sinus Infections and Boils/Abscesses.My Mother's late Mother whom I do not refer (never have-never will Grandmother had frequent Carbuncles.A Cousin on my Father's side told me she remembers my Mother having Boils.The reason I bring up this Subject is,I'm prone to a few of these Health issues EG: Sinus Infections/Boils/Abscesses.I wonder if these ailments were passed through Birth because of double Cousins Marrying (Genetics) or simply passed along.
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