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Default Yeast Cleansing

I have a couple of questions I hope that someone here can help with about cleansing yeast and its potential side effects. I have a yeast overgrowth happening on my underarms currently, and wonder if this is one way that the yeast is being flushed from my body because my sweat glands are now allowed to be active since I've been using a crystal deoderant for months. If so, does anyone know if I need to cease using the deoderant for now, until it clears up?

Also, while yeast is being cleansed out, will I have an increase in yeast symptoms?

Last, can I pass this along to my fiance, even if I don't have an active vaginal yeast infection? Should we use condoms during this time to avoid that? And how can we tell if he develops a yeast infection? (I'll be honest, I know nothing of male symptoms of a yeast infection.)

I'm currently using a yeast cleanse, as well as making even further diet changes to avoid creating more yeast, beyond being gluten-free, lactose-free, and (cane/refined) sugar-free. I've always had trouble with yeast overgrowth, and have known about it for years.
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OK, the part about infecting him doesn't need to be answered. I already knew that was a risk, but after doing extensive research and thinking back on the timeline and his history, I strongly suspect that he infected me in the first place, and we're developing a plan of attack to eliminate this together. I still need to know about the crystal deoderant, and whether or not I should discontinue its use, if anyone on here knows the answer to that. I started using Tea Tree Oil topically on it this morning when I realized what it was, since yesterday I just thought it was the irritation I occasionally get from the deoderant and shaving.
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