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So I wrote this e-pamphlet a long time ago that works...


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Jan 18, 2022

I was going through my old files and found this e-pamphlet I wrote about curing the hiccups. I wanted to get it out there to see if it would help people, but never did. I still do stand by it, and it actually works. I remember recently I was on a trip with my girlfriend and we were all in the hot tub at a hotel and this drunk guy was hiccuping SO BAD! Everyone at the pool area said he had the hiccups all night! So I started talking to everyone about that one time I actually wrote an e-pamphlet about curing the hiccups. Everyone was being all cynical because they thought there was no way anything was going to cure this super drunk guy's hiccups. I walked him through the method and it did take a few minutes because the hiccups were terrible and uncontrollable. But everyone around, even my girlfriend, had a jaw drop moment when the poor guy's hiccups were cured before their eyes! And the look of pure relief on the guy's face was priceless! lol! So I wanted to share with everyone! Please check it out. I hope it helps someone! Give feedback too if you like! :)