What Is Morgellon's?


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Feb 25, 2018
I don't have it thank God, but I am terrified of it. Honestly, Morgellon's scares me more than anything. I'd rather have a heart attack than come down with Morgellon's to be honest. Because at least with the heart attack you could show up at the ER and the doctors would know what was going on and believe you. And even if I ended up dying anyways which would be entirely possible obviously, at least I know I'd be believed and they'd try to save me and be able to figure out what was going on pretty quickly most likely. With Morgellon's, the doctors usually have never seen/heard of it, it's bizarre and painful, and basically the docs just throw their hands up and say they have no idea what to do OR even worse are embarrassed to admit they don't know something and try to deny seeing the fibers and other weird symptoms that just generally don't fit with any disease. Plus, the nature of the disease with the fibers and all just creeps me out big time.

I also wonder very much what it is. Some say it is caused by chemtrails and all sorts of conspiracy theory nonsense, I don't buy that though. I personally believe that it is just yet another disease caused by bacteria that happens to produce symptoms that are unusual enough that some doctors have chosen to not believe sufferers and refuse to even investigate, which is seriously messed up. Some researchers say that it is related to Lyme's disease that hasn't been adequately treated and caused the bacteria to mess up the skin cells resulting in fibrous production of keratin beneath the skin. This is the theory of Morgellon's that I am inclined to believe as it is more strongly backed by scientific evidence and there even has been a study or two on it that indicates that this is the case.

There is a nearly identical disease in cattle, caused by sphirocytes, similar to lyme bacteria. The disease is called bovine digital dermatitis, and it is caused by sphirocytes damaging cells and resulting in abnormal development of keratin fibers underneath the skin. This results in severe pain and the same symptoms as morgellon's. Clearly, I feel that this disease is essentially the cattle mainfestation of morgellon's. Also, 60% or so of Morgellon's sufferers test positive for Lyme's disease according to one source I read.

I believe that it was done by the University of Oklahoma, but unfortunately research on Morgellon's is lacking. I feel that it is seriously time that researchers start more seriously looking into it as I firmly believe that this disease is real as the experiences of sufferers are horrendous and CLEARLY not made up. The fact that some doctors believe it is a made up disease shocks me. I can understand that perhaps some docs never heard of it, but the fact that of the ones who have basically it's 50/50 whether they "believe in it" or not just baffles me. Honestly, I don't think there is anything inherently "weird" about morgellon's. It's just a disease caused by bacteria that hasn't been fully understood yet due to its rarity and unusual symptoms that cause some closed minded and rather unintelligent doctors to not believe their patients.