Vaccines Kill As Many As Viruses Do


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Apr 5, 2009
Short article about vaccine dangers and the alternative use of Vitamin C...

*Vaccines kill as many people as the viruses do!*

It's true. The actual H1N1 (swine flue - modified with bird flu) didn't
kill as many people as did the vaccine used. In fact, today the vaccines
are much more dangerous than the diseases they supposedly prevent. These
are facts supported by actual figures. What makes it even more horrible is
that there is a simple, cheap, and more effective cure for viral diseases.
BUT, it doesn't make profit for Big Pharma, so it's fought against using
the FDA and phony testing/

In addition to killing many people, vaccines are a major cause of ADD to
autism, not to mention depression and other mental problems. Most contain
mercury or aluminum as a preservative, and mercury, lead, aluminum and
other toxic minerals kill or damage brain cells. Never let an infant get
more than one vaccine at any time. If you can, prevent all vaccines from
being given to your children.

If this is true, Why are we still using vaccines? Because Big Pharma makes
huge amounts of money by scaring the public (and the government) about the
HUGE dangers of any new virus - even one that was manufactured and let
loose on purpose.

*The Safe Cheap Alternate*

Here's a fact that most MD's don't even know. Vitamin C kills viruses - but
only if taken in sufficient amounts! Here's the real kicker! The only
thing that wildly overdosing on vitamin C causes is diarrhea - maybe not so
pleasant, but not dangerous like vaccines.

OK, so what are "correct amounts? That depends on several factors:

1. How long the "infection" has been working in your body - Virus cells
double every 20 minutes, so if you went to bed just sniffling - 8 hours
later, the original amount of virus would be billions of times as strong,
and you'd be feeling pretty lousy.

2. Individuality. What you inherited in infection fighting ability, and
what your body has learned during your lifetime of fighting infections.

3. What type of Vitamin C you take. Some types seem to kill virus better
than others.

Of these factors, by far the most important is the time involved. Doubling
in strength every 20 minutes is very quick, and small amounts that kill
less than half in an hour are virtually worthless. Big Pharma has used this
to "scientifically prove" in several "peer reviewed" Medical Journal pieces
that Vitamin C is not useful against viruses (colds, flu, etc). If the real
facts about vitamin C are known, then Big Pharma would lose billions in
cold and flu drugs that are not as effective. Money talks - truth may not!

The other two factors, while not as important, do influence how much you
need to start with, and how much you need to cut back to after you have had

If you just start to feel sniffles or raspy throat, a good start would be
2-4 grams (2000-4000 mg) every 15 minutes until you just start diarrhea.
(That's called "Bowel Tolerance", and it's the only side effect of any
consequence to taking Vitamin C - it's useful as it tells when you've
gotten enough a a bit more). At that point, cut back to 2 every two hours,
or just below the point of diarrhea for you. (Here's where the
individuality comes into the equation).

If no diarrhea within 1-2 hours, you're probably not getting enough, so
double your dose.

If you just woke up and you feel really bad, knowing you've got it
(whatever is going around), you realize that you should have taken C last
night, start with 4-5 grams every 15 minutes. At bowel tolerance cut back
to 2-4 every hour, or less if diarrhea persists. zzIn other words, use the
diarrhea as a dosage measurement of sorts.

If you really want all the facts about vaccines, there's a factual website
As an agnostic, I would lie and refuse to get my child vaccinated on
"religious" grounds - most states allow that as the only refusal. Vaccines
are more dangerous than the disease today. (from


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Aug 8, 2009
Back in 09 I had the flu. In fact a bunch of had it from the local bar. This one lady was tested and it was H1N1. I just stayed in bed, with an auxilliary heater on to warm up the room more and drank green tea and chicken broth and vitamin C. I was better quickly.


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Nov 20, 2010
There was an article about a study that green tea extract was shown to work better at preventing the flu than the flu shot


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
I could really, really use diarrhea today. I think I will try that vitC trick. That's an awful lot of acid though. The oxalate might not be good for kidneys, though studies indicate that vitC is no problem even at such high doses. Another consideration might be that vitC is responsible for iron absorption. Anyway, I do take about 4000g per day. Today, I will do very much more.


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
What about the old standby, prunes or prune juice...seems to get fast result with many people.
When this happens, it comes as a surprise. No days leading up to it. I need immediate relief when it does. Milk of magnesia works the fastest. So does castor oil. The problem is that since 2010, when I had hemorrhoid surgery, the surgeon made my evacuation more narrow. It hasn't expanded much. The rectum can tolerate a lot of pain, but despises widening. So some days, the leading edge has hardened. Very painful upon first evacuation. I finally got some glycerine suppositories for future occurrences.

This seems to happen more in the past several months. About once a week. I have been using more fiber, so that's not the problem. I have always drunk much water. I have 16 oz glasses of water just about everywhere I go in the house, and drink about 6 or more of these per day. I have changed my diet within this time period as I'm seeing a naturopathic Dr for sinus, constipation, cold hands/feet. Yes, I am taking an abundance of probiotics. Seems like that should help. The diets have been anti-candida diet followed by a gluten free diet. I have, in the past, gone vegetarian. All totally worthless for any of my problems.

I'll just up the vitamin C dosage as you have posted in that article. Maybe that will do something about any bacteria as well as help my constipation.

Maybe, I should quit that naturopath.


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Jul 11, 2011
when I feel a cold comming on I spray my throat several times a day with CS seems to work pretty fast for me, mind you haven't had a full blown cold, or flu now for a few years, touch wood.


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Mar 28, 2012
Please tell everyone you know to read the book called "Why Doctors Dont Vaccinate Their Children".

It really wakes people up.