The way Mike and Janet get along and stay together.


Oct 9, 2017
C'mon Mike your technical information although very accurate is getting just a little bit boring. So tell us the way you and Janet get along and stay together. To make the story exciting be sure to give us the juicy details. Fine. For all my fans and all my friends here at this wonderful place called NatMedTalk this one is for you babies. Mike is just barely smart enough to recognize that Janet is the one who cares. She is the one who meditates on the virtues, acquires good moral character, and achieves peace of mind. She is like a doe. She is the one who cares for the fawns. Furthermore Mike also recognizes that he doesn't care. He only wants just one thing. So Mike and Janet made a deal like Mike's guiding light Donald Trump. During the day Mike has to comply with Janet's wishes. He has to purchase raw organic grains and seeds and feed them to the mall pigeons so the darlings get enough nutrients. In addition he has to give all the glad attendees who properly assist and important contributors that he interacts with on a regular basis common courtesies. He also has to constantly and continuously compliment Janet on her ideas and decisions. In return at night Janet has to play obey a commander. She has to do anything Mike says when she is told to. And let me tell you. Mike has a very good imagination cuz he has been taking his colloidal gold supplement very faithfully. So everybody is happy. The pigeons are happy. The glad attendees who properly assist are happy. The important contributors are happy. Janet is happy. And believer me Mike is very, very, very, happy.