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The Underground Cure for Herpes


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Feb 19, 2013
Has anyone on this site heard of the underground cure for herpes.

These kits are $500 to $1000 per kit.
I am almost willing to try anything.
Someone one gave me this problem and it just about ruined my life.


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Feb 25, 2013
It is scam, as far as I known. I have HHV as well. I have not only HHV-1 but HHV-6 too.

My advices:

1) Find a doctor that prescribes you clinical trials to quantify the viral load every month;
2) Start a diet with 50% of organic raw vegetables;
3) Start taking as much vitamin C as you can (until you have diarrhea)
4) Look for natural antivirals. So far will oregano oil and TTN were the best for me, but I still have hundreds of options.
5) Test them one by one (or 2 by 2) and do the tests so know their practical effect.

What works for me:

1) >500% DDR of Vitamin E
2) High dosage of fish oils
3) Sauna + vitamin B3 (niacin)
4) Oreano oil and TTN;


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Mar 15, 2018
Address from The Underground Cure

Let me be completely honest, we are not in the business of scamming people out of their money and not giving them the help they need. Now think about it...a real scam artist is out for the money, so why would we be trying to help you heal yourself with a protocol that you only need to go through once. Wouldn't it be more profitable to keep you infected and figure out how to sell you recurring prescriptions that we could keep getting paid off of? We honestly don't care if you buy today, tomorrow, or next year, the ball is completely in your hands to move forward when you feel educated enough and comfortable.

Furthermore we have help over 1000 people eradicate the virus completely from their bodies, with documented test results. Feel free to check out our youtube account with over 250 videos proving our track record and showing real evidence that it can be done.

We definitely are not in the business of convincing people that they need to use natural products, protocols, and programs to heal and cure themselves. If you want to keep giving the doctor your money for prescription drugs, that have damaging side effects...go right ahead. But know that right now while the dis-ease is in your body, time is not on your side. You don't have time to just keep suppressing the symptoms! You need to be working on naturally making your body and immune system stronger in order to kill this virus.

Natural Cures and Healing Therapy have been around for thousands of years but the money is not in helping people get cured, it is in sick people going to doctors, because they are paid from insurance, and insurance is what this country was built off of...which is the biggest scam in his-story.



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Jul 27, 2018
DO NOT do clinical trials, oh my goodness that's the worst thing you could do! Never be a Guinea pig for evil!


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Mar 21, 2019
Keto diet, green juice home made with organic veggies, high dose vitamin C (liposomal is best), you can take up to 15,000 mgs of vit C per day, make a mix of 60mls organic high quality olive oil with 10 drops organic oil of oregano. Take this twice a day under tongue. This can cure you of herpes. I also highly recommend going to get some Emotional Code or Bodytalk therapy done. This will remove the underlying energetic that enabled you to manifest this disorder in this life.
Jul 25, 2011
I don't know if anything has changed, as it's been many years since I researched and read about herpes. But from what I remember there was no actual test for it.

The typical test people do tests for antibodies, and that's not conclusive. I seem to remember there was also a super expensive and painful test, where I believe they take spinal fluid and test that. Because that's where herpes hides when it goes dormant, because there's no immune system there.

Is there any test nowadays where they test you for the Herpes virus proper (not for the antibodies)?