The best medicinal mushroom supplement is


Oct 9, 2017
David Avocado Wolfe's 24 raw freeze dried medicinal mushroom powder from Longevity Warehouse. The product contains substrate, mycelium, and fruiting body. Costs between 30 to 40 cents per gram depending on quantity. Poor peasants like me and Janet do not purchase that. Instead we like Om consisting of substrate and raw mycelium for the low low price of 15 cents per gram. Medicinal mushrooms grown from China are grown in enclosures where the air and water are filtered. The substrate is organic. They are tested for purity and potency.


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
I have firsthand experience and knowledge with reishi mushroom extract. You can study reishi articles yourself from for example. Red reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) is very intresting and potential nutritional supplement for many different things. ...
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Reishi is a great adaptogen. Also it acts similarly to Finasteride (Propecia) in that it slows the conversion of DHT. So, many think that it has the ability to strengthen the hair follicles. Keep hair from falling out to quickly. Grow new hair?

One has to remember that these herbs/mushrooms do take time to work well. Also, as you said, try to find quality manufacturers. I prefer cracked cell to "extract". I prefer as little processing as possible. I don't know if it makes a difference. Just my preference. Extract means a heated water process, I think.

Reishi is the number one longevity food for centuries. Truly fascinating.