Supplements for COPD, chest pain, general health


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My grandfather is 91 and is doing relatively well, but he has COPD, and heart problems which cause chest pain. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any supplements which might help him. I take a ground burdock root supplement for general health which I was going to buy for him. I thought there might be something else, perhaps more condition-specific, which I should consider.

We are going to try to convince him to buy a new nebulizer and then have him nebulize the diluted H2O2 solution which is described in the sticky.

Thank you very much!:wave::wave:


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You might do some research on COPD and grape seed extract. I know it's recommened for asthma and it helps those who take it that I know. It could help but one on pharma blood thinner cannot take it. Grape seed ex cleans and thins the blood. My 91 yr old neighbor just got 2 more bottles as she so believes in it too. I'm taking it 23 yrs now. And I'm more allergy and sinus issues...clear lungs.