Sumac for Diabetes


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Apr 5, 2009
Benefits of Sumac for Diabetes.

Sometimes we eat certain foods or ingredients and don’t even realize it. This is especially true when trying dishes that aren’t a common part of our diet.

Take as an example, sumac berries. Rhus coriaria or sumac is a primary component of the Middle Eastern spice blend known as zatar.

You’ll often find zatar added to couscous, chicken and fish entrees, or simply sprinkled on top of fresh feta cheese, hummus or sliced tomatoes. It can also be blended into extra virgin olive oil as a flavorful dip or dressing.

No matter how familiar you are with sumac, you probably haven’t heard the latest news about its medicinal potential.

In fact, the most promising study on this spice was just recently published in the October 2014 issue of the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences: The Official Journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences – not exactly the best known of all medical journals!

But, the information contained therein may have widespread implications for anyone at risk for or living with type 2 diabetes.