Stomach & duodenal ulcer need opinions


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Hello all my husband had an Endoscopy and it showed he had a few ulcer spots. The GI doc put him on 40mg Prilosec twice a day. I voiced my concern over this as I have read quite a bit about this drug and he pretty much tried to debunk all the info out there. We are waiting on test for h pylori. I guess I just want opinions on this. Hubby has been taking ulcetrol, pure aloe, and licorice root for about 2 months and has seemed to improve somewhat. Now stomach and chest area hurting more and more gas and I am convinced this is from the Prilosec. I really feel I can heal him naturally just wanted opinions. I do have a chiropractor and a very knowledgeable herb store not far from me I can utilize. Thanks for any info you can give!


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Hello, and welcome to the forum! :) I'm no expert at all and don't have real experience with ulcers, but I know that doctors are quick to prescribe pills like Prilosec that have very bad side effects when taken on a daily basis. So you're right to be concerned.

I've only had experience with general heart burn, occasional acid reflux, etc. I've found that eating a small apple every evening a couple of hours before bedtime has almost eliminate my heartburn during the night, which was a big problem for me.

Also, if there's no health issues for him with salt, a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small amount of water usually eliminates any symptoms of heartburn, and better than the pills.

In the morning I take 2 tablespoons full of organic lemon juice mixed with 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda just to make my system more alkaline as opposed to acidic. Good side effect of this practice is cancer thrives in acid environments, so alkaline is good.

Here's an old article that has some good general info, including recommendations on h Pylori. Keep in mind when using a honey, it should be raw and unfiltered, Manuka is expensive but it has a lot of health benefits. Good he's using aloe, my brand is Lily of the Desert aloe juice, inner fillet. For coconut oil I use Nature's Way.

One of the very best home remedies for ulcers is eating raw cabbage. Juicing the raw cabbage will make it easier to take and mixing it with carrots in the juicer will make it better tasting. Drink half a cup before each meal and at bed time and make sure that it is fresh. Your ulcer may be gone in only a few weeks.

* Eat at least three bananas a day. These fruits contain an antibacterial substance that inhibits the growth of ulcer-causing H. pylori. Studies show that animals fed bananas have a thicker stomach wall and greater mucus production in the stomach, which helps build a barrier between digestive acids and the lining of the stomach. Eating plantains is also helpful.

* Cayenne pepper is wonderful for healing ulcers as well as dulling the pain. It is a bit strong and may take some getting used to at the outset. Start with one-eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water twice a day and work up to a quarter-teaspoon. You can also take cayenne capsules that you can get at the health food store. Take three a day immediately after meals.

* The bark of slippery elm soothes the mucous membranes that line the stomach and duodenum. It is often taken in powdered form. Some herbalists recommend taking a teaspoon of powdered slippery elm bark added to one cup of warm water three times a day.

* Colloidal silver helps kill the H. pylori bacteria and helps heal injured stomach tissues.

* Raw honey soothes and reduces inflammation of the lining of the stomach and is good for healing as well.

* Garlic's antibacterial properties include fighting H. pylori. Take two small crushed cloves a day.

* Plums and other red and purple colored foods such as berries inhibit the growth of H. pylori.

* Coconut oil kills the bacteria that cause ulcers and gas, but it's mostly a long-term remedy.

A few other good ulcer remedies are: raw goats' milk, barley water, aloe juice, propolis capsules, licorice root or marshmallow root.


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Thank you

Thank you for your reply Kind. I have read about a lot of those and had forgotten about the cabbage juice. Hubby stopped the Prilosec and feels better already! I am determined he can get better with natural means and not ruin his gut in the process. Your help is greatly appreciated and I plan to use some of these.


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You're welcome. If he wants to try what has worked extremely well for both me and my husband is the apple in the evening. I had real heartburn issues and was popping too many Tums and those other pills. Now most nights I'm fine and the baking soda now and then if I eat really spicy things that day.

It can be a small apple, but should be tart. So, Granny Smith or Pink Ladys are preferred. I've been buying bags of small organic Pink Ladys from Walmart, we both eat one every evening. And that was a lot for me, I'm not a big fruit eater, but seeing is believing with the nightly results.


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I have read where apples are good for digestive health, and also bananas. He doesn't really get heartburn, just some pain in his lower belly mainly in the early morning and it gets better with elimination. He was having some pain around the area of his sternum, but he didn't describe it as heartburn. I have thought all along he had ulcers, but fecal tests showed negative for H Pylori. The GI doc said if he was on Nexium (which he was) they will be negative. Also I've read the Mastic Gum can make it negative. He has been taking NOW Brand Ulcetrol, which has mastic gum for about 2 months and it has improved a lot. The Endoscopy did show some ulcers tho and one in his duodenum. They also took samples and will test for H. Pylori. For now I'm going to start him on Mastic Gum, Aloe Vera, Probiotics, and Silver Hydrosol. He is seeing a chiropractor today who is into the natural, so I'm curious as to what he has to say. I have been pushing him to eat apples, but I don't have the tart ones. I didn't want him to take the Prilosec so much but thought maybe he needed it to heal. Hubby felt so bad after taking it 3 days he quit himself. He eats a pretty good diet, thanks to me, and is very fit physically. Thanks again. I'm glad I found this forum. I would much rather him take something naturally than something that can ruin his gut later on.

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I had burning stomach pain and reflux. I had at least two tests for H-Pylori, one was a biopsy. All negative. Using my Rife machine I kept trying to kill various species of bacterium that could potentially cause the pain. Eventually, when nothing helped, I came to the conclusion it could be nothing else but H-Pylori.

I treated myself for for it and the pain went away before I was even done treating it. All it took was running 676 Hz for ten minutes for a week to get it out of my stomach for good. To remove it from more stubborn areas such as the intestines you need to do the same treatment working up to a half hour a day then continue for a week.

The moral of the story being, a negative test tells you that you could have H-Pylori but too low a level to be detected. It doesn't take much to cause ulcers. A positive test means you almost certainly have it.

Treat for it either way because ulcers are reliably caused by H-Pylori and the possibility of it being anything else is extremely low.

You can test this easily if you can find someone with a Rife machine in your region. Even in my remote location there are health professionals that have them. They don't advertise it but if you ask around, you will likely find one.

Good luck.



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Thanks Dan! Good to know about the H pylori test. It only makes sense to me that's what it is and it's so frustrating when they come back negative. We will not be going back to the GI doc however he doesn't know that yet. He gave him a very high dose of Prilosec which I was against and when I told him I had continuously read the antibiotic therapy doesn't always work on h pylori he said that it did. I have seen numerous pages on an h pylori forum of people who did the triple therapy more than once and it made them feel awful, and it didn't work. Most of them used mastic gum with good results. I'm curious to what the test results show. I will ask around about a rife machine. I have never heard of this.


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Acid blockers like Prilosec are physically addictive. They reduce the amout of acid your body produces but the body is very adaptive and increases its production of acid to counteract the drug. You train your body to produce more acid to compensate, and then when you stop using Prilosec your digestive system produces excess acid until it again adjusts back to the proper amount.

I have had issues with stomach acid throughout my life and a much better solution is probiotics. Probiotics increase the number of good bacteria in your digestive system. Good bacteria and bad bacteria compete for nutrition in your digestive system and if there is low good bacteria, the bad bacteria gets all the food. This alone can lead to chronic digestive problems. You won't see a difference overnight but you will in the long term. Also having a lot of good bacteria in your digestive system boosts your immune system and you are less prone to all illnesses.

Probiotic pills usually have unnatural ingredients and probiotics from questionable sources. Natural probiotics like kombucha and kefir are much better. There are "artificial" kombuchas out there so be sure to a get a naturally produced kombucha -- especially ones that include "the mother" which is a glob at the bottom of the bottle which is the source of the probiotics.

For immediate relief I like papaya. Papaya is rich in papain which is a natural acid nuetralizer and very soothing to your stomach lining. It also tastes great. True ginger ales and ginger beers are also good for immediate relief. A lot of ginger ales has artifial ginger flavor - be sure the get one made from real ginger.

Acid blocking drugs like Prilosec are dangerous. Natural acid nuetralizers and preventive maintainance with natural probiotics are much much better. Of course, avoid frozen and canned foods and try to only eat real food. The concoction of chemicals in frozen foods and many canned foods can trigger digestive problems.

I also drink water from a reverse-osmosis system. Bottled water and water from reverse-osmosis systems are a must for those with digestive issues. Tap water contains flouride and chlorine -- it's like drinking watered-down bleach which is not good for your digestion.