Relief for Hot Flashes & Night Sweats?


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May 22, 2009
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I can help you on that one, I use essential oils. :) Clary sage helps with hormone balance. It is a phytoestrogen. Ylang ylang also helps to balance out male/female energy. Also get the hormones checked. I use Her Balance Cream, which is a progesterone cream that is used by doctors.

Pepawbear is correct on the cream. I highly recommend reading all of Dr. Lee's books about perimenopause, menopause, and breast cancer. All check out Dr. Christiane Northrup book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, which covers the physical and emotional aspects of women's health.
I've used Clary Sage. Don't think I noticed a difference but I didn't use it regulary. Haven't tried Ylang Ylang, I'm thinking the reason why was probably the cost.

I've used progesterone cream and that helped, probably second to the Estrovera which is what really worked for me.


Jun 1, 2016
I had most of my hot flashes during menopause years ago, and found pretty good relief for all my symptoms with Red Clover.
I read recently, that so-called hotflashes, or like I call them "outbreaks of sweating" now, that last longer than any hotflash I ever had, could be a symptom of Hiatle Hernia:( More on that, on my other thread about the Acid Reflux here: