Rating Breads for Diabetes


Oct 1, 2010
I recall reading an article some time ago that barley bread is highly rated for diabetics. I think the article indicated that bread made with barley flour instead of wheat flour takes three or four times longer to break down and raise blood sugar levels. I can't find that article, hence this post.

Among the grains used for bread, is barley, indeed, one of the best to use?
Does barley indeed break down more slowly than wheat? Are there some solid numbers available (i.e - medical studies that confirm a less-drastic and longer-lasting increase in blood sugar levels)?

If a local bakery happens to provide GI numbers for all their breads, what are good numbers to look for? I assume the lower the better, but those breads probably are like bricks and I don't expect my children to like them (so we will have to make some sort of trade-off. A decent taste and low GI number.)