Questions about Pain in genital area


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one of my friend got a little pain on his left testicle with a little burning sensation, it last a few months. he went to hospital and did a test, all results were negative. doctor suggested him to get more leisure time. while it came back again the feeling after he sexed with his wife. so it scared him seriously. he let me to get some advise at here.

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I wonder what test they did on him? I have no experience at all in this area, but it seems to me that if there's a discomfort and burning sensation, then it may be a urinary tract infection, or possibly an STD.

Did they do urine and blood tests?

If there was no burning, I was going to say it might just be a simple strain that will heal in time.....but burning seems to mean there's something going on. A second opinion is what I would seek if I were him.


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Genital infections of some sort. Not sure what kind it is though, however for STDs like that, you may take diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to treat it, I know my friend Alvin tried and got cured. Maybe you could think about it too. Hope this helps.