Prosate relief - FINALLY!


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Mar 27, 2013
hello friends

some of you may have followed my story via prostate - epididymis journey to success.

I have been feeling great lately. I have had so many symptoms!! such a long story and you can read in my other post. But, essentially I found significant relief by:

1 - leanring to relax and sit still - first trying this caused me major anxiety. my muscles would spasm and ache and surely i would have given up or accepted that I had restless leg syndrome BUT I am truly learning o allow my body to enter a full state of relaxation and it felt horroble for a long time - this is imprtant: FOR AWHILE RELAXING MADE ME FEEL WORSE!!! who wants to be mindful and pay attention to their body when it makes me panic??!!!??! well, i kept on doing it and felt alot better!!

2 - learn to strech and strengthen the pelvic and lower back muscles. strecthing has done wonders. I use a big yoga ball, an inversion table and lots of strecthing. Use a tens machine, go to a massgae therapist, GO TO A PELVIC FLOOR SPECIALIST!!!!!

3 - Read: "teach us to sit still" by Tim something. he talks about the other book - Headache in the pelvis

4. LEARN TO DEEP BREATHE ALL THE TIME - cannot stress this enough

5. LEARN ALOT about the pelvic splanchic nerves - this explains so much

6. eat a low sugar, low refined carb, low garbage diet- this include drinking LOTS of WATER - peeing all the time is going to happen til you learn to relax the pelvic muscles which control the bladder. if you get constipated and start to strain, this create major triggerpoint knots in the pelvis

7. I used an accu ball to find trigger points near / in rectum, perenium, bladder, hip flexors etc. finding them a relieving them was paramount.

8. I also increased my SSRI - it helped me to realx and my muscle tension decreased so much and my pain became less catastrophic

I am a victim of the prostate catatastrophe cycle. goes like this:

you get an infection. you have to pee all the time so you panic naturally. I'd rather have a major issue in my elbow than a minor issue with my balls that i dont know how to men naturally pain when they get a prostate infection for the first time or any infection down there - the stress cause muscle tension. the muscle tension causes all sorts of strange pain down there which refers to the balls prostate and rectum which make us panic more and eventually the cylce spins out of control!

PS - I believe alot of men's 'so called' prostate issues is from myofascial trigger points. i have peer reviewed journal articles at home. Also peer reviewed article that showed Candida was issue in epididymis.

PS - I still have epididymitis pain BUT not nearly as bad since major lifestyle changes. these have to be second order changes. 1st order changes occur when we find a new way to treat something. but in time we revert back to our old ways. for me, stress, bad diet, muscle tension cause my epi issues to really flare up

PS my epididymis issue and my pelvic pain are related but not directly related. the morer I can loosen up the area and get relaxed the more blood floow to epi

I am not cured by a long shot but I feel alot better!!!! If this is as good as it gets, then I am happy. I lived with so much proatate, ball, rectum, and mystery pain for so long. tight muscles is a HUGE part of this problem. see fi you have any pubocoyygeus spasms during sex / masturbation and after - start epxloring all the muscles down there during and outside of sexual function, bowel emptying and bladder emptying. I noticed I always had to pee as soon as I relaxed which sucked....until I discovered that if I realxed completely while peeing then I got alot more out.

if you make a ton of trips to bathropom at night - then try this for ten nights.

1. Before bed, calm your mind. if your mind races then you have to overcome this. I am a follower of Jesus Christ so i try to meditate on a bible verse or pray for health.

2. practice deep breathing
3. strech for at least thirty minutes - do strecthes specific to pelvis area - hip flexors glutes, piriformis, PC massage using accu-ball
4. then go to bed and see if you can 'melt into bed' without mind racing and without tensing. I quickly learned that when i TRULY / COMPLETELY tried to realx and melt into bed that I was holding all sorts of tension in my legs, pelvis etc. it was so hard to realx these mucscle and takes weeks of practice - maybe months for some - before I was able to 'let go of the tension i was holding.

then GUESS WHAT? after a few weeks I stopped gettign up to pee 5-6 time and now only pee once or twice at most. I woke up at 4am the other night and had a thunderous pee - I was so realxed for the first time in my life!!!!! it felt so good

the pelic muscles are often involuntary and cannot be relaxed without creating homeostasis in the autnomic system (parasympatetic and sympathetic) homeostatis is acheived by deep breathing!

PS I seem to have flare ups when I eat junk food in excess - I dont know if the junk creates constipations, muscle tension, bacterial issues or what not

I DONT HAVE THIS ALL FIGURED OUT - but I do feel alot better - I still have an odd epididymis flare up but hey - I am just a broken man passing through.

ask yourself:

do you worry alot?
are you in a rush often
Are you prone to depression / emotional instability?
hard to sit still?
hard to relax muscles
hard to watch a whole movie without relaxing
always think the worst will happen?
had prior infections?
eat lots of junk food and little veggies?
thuink it will never get better?

if you daid yes - then you need to make some changes!

thanks for listenig and thanks for all the help!!!!!!


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Mar 27, 2013
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thanks for your support.

I am doing better BUT not cured by any stretch.....I still think I have a pesky infection lurking. I am almost certain though that relaxing the muscles will increase blood flow to the areas and promote healing. similarly, i seem to be more regular in terms of emptying bladder and bowel which will also aid in promoting overall health.

relaxing is a lot of work...ALOT and something we don't value in the western culture. Similarly, there are so many stressors that we tale for granted....I find it hard to be a peace and so easy to be a full-speed so to speak....



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Mar 27, 2013
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I hope my post doesnt make me sound preachy or like i know it mind was racing and my fingers were trying to keep up with the typing.

i have to be honest - I probably never had a full blown prostate issue - hence the reason why muscle relaxation helps so much. On the flip side, I still get epididymis flare-ups and UTI type symptoms if I worry or eat a lot of junk food...

BUT overall, I feel a lot better - I know this is a natural medicine forum too so some of you likely see the hypocrisy in me 'preaching success' while using a pharmaceutical potion like an SSRI...but it helps me so much to remain calm...

surely, I have a lot to learn and must tread lightly lest the irony of my situation completely consume me in contradiction and hypocrisy

thanks all for your support - the above are only my suggestion of what worked for me - at least partially - I still need to consider much before being so sure I know it all....



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Mar 27, 2013
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doing much better


Yes doing much better: Comes down to two recommendations

1. Good massage to promote blood flow. I use an accu-ball. I also use a foam roller and inversion table. I have a stretch routine.

I target glutes, PC muscle, hip flexors, abductors and lots of accuball rolling over lymph system loosening entire pelvic area. I am also doing specific glute strengthening techniques. The relief did not come instantly. I recommend a pelvic floor specialist and /or massage therapist, and an osteopath.

2. Avoid sugar, processed food as much as possible.

its that simple but its not......All the stretching takes time, hot baths help too, have to ensure posture is in proper alignment.

Avoiding sugar and junky food is difficult. When I cheat, I pay with UTI symptoms. When I get stressed I tense up my groin and pain occurs.

My epididymis symptoms decrease significantly when I stick to the stretching, self-massage, good posture, and clean diet.

My ejaculations are much larger and healthier too and I dont get the same discomfort afterwards.

I admit there is typically a slight discomfort present. But it does not hold the same control / fear over me so its presence is no longer stressful hence breaking the viscous cyle

Hope the best for you!


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Mar 27, 2013
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here's what....

In terms of sugar:

I LOVE SUGAR!!!! love it!!! BUT I hate how it makes me feel. so....not that I wanted to run a controlled trial BUT I cut out sugar all week and had a cheat day on Saturday night sometimes friday, at the beginning of every week, i would feel tired, run down, almost hung over and as the week progressed and I got rid of the sugar my api symptoms (pain and constant urination) would fade only to start again a day after my sugar binge

1. I still eat lots of fruit. it is the processed sugar in candy, chocolate bars, pop, and cheap carbs. bananas, apples, and field berries are fine for me BUT too much cheap sugar and I get sick

2. PC muscle: what I had to lean the hard - long way is that no one muscle group in your body is off and the others are not. In order to address the pC muscles I had to fix my posture: specifically my posterior pelvic tilt and mty tight hip flexors. I relied on some expert insight from my therapist.

specifically for the PC muscle I rolled on an accuball. I targeted the area between my anus and the start of scrotum. I also hand massaged it. I also sat on the ball so that my levator ani was under pressure...I felt like a weirdo BUT it worked. here is the irony: when I massaged the PC muscle vigorously, my ejacuations would not shoot....they would just drain out without any force but then days afterward I would get the forceful projectile ejaculation..weird huh....

I also would get an urge to pee when I sit down,. In this case I do a 3-4 kegels as this is not a genuine need to pee and more of a muscle twitch...

I really do not know much about kegels at this my PC muscle felt tense all of the time it, consciously tensing it up does nto appeal to me BUT it seems to help in moderation....

here is something else i find SHOCKING: I hurt my back and experienced a tonne of sciatica last year - this si the only reason i strated doing all the stretches and massage for my tight glutes as I felt doing it for my epi or prostate was pointless....not according to the "headache in the pelvis" authors but I really dont want an internal massage at all!! BUt here is the thing: my sciatic nerve is 'lit up' by tight glute muscles...AND the spermatic cord runs down through the abdomen and groin so perhaps my groin massages took away the muscle tension that impacting my epi pain through spermatic cord... i dunno

I do know I feel alot better today: it may get worse but for now, I feel alot better!!!

I really think the stretch massage route takes some time. Go to you tube and do as many glute / thigh / groin stretches as you can find. Spend an hour stretching and massaging 3-5 times a week. It may take a few months to notice. it took me over a month. I would not have stck with it if it were nto for the sciatica pain

cut out sugar: just do a 6 day epxeriment: you should feel a little better after 6 days if you cut out the crap and eat clean - lots of fibre is CRITICAL as straining bowel movements cause muscle tension which cause epi to act up

keep me posted!!

its me!! IWBT

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Dec 21, 2011
When you say massage the PC muscle mean massaging the area between anus and testicles??..and when you say sitting on ball so that the levator ani was under pressure how do I do this?? .sitting on ball so that it's between my legs or next to my anus??.My symptoms are constant pain in the lower abs (tight feeling) strange crampish feeling on left side right under rib and on pain in my hips ..peeing a lot and weak erection and when I bust it never shoots out ..I strongly feel my pc muscles are playing a big role...Oh yeah can you post a link to the accu ball you have


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Mar 27, 2013
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My symptoms included everything at one point or another: you can read the other posts i started. Here is the thing: I have had urinary tract infections, epididymitis, prostate infections and all the symptoms that go along with it PLUS:

all sorts of posture issues


all sorts of muscles tension issues:

BUT I cleared them all with anti-biotics but pain lingers on and constant urination at times too

Now, this is funny. I am very active and train Judo constantly and always thought my posture was no big deal because my back never hurt. my muscles were tight but I train a lot but then I hurt my back last year really bad so I had to start stretching and addressing my posture as the injury is not serious but if i do not fix my posture then I may really hurt my back badly next time...

So the groin aka pelvis has tonnes of muscles. if they get tight, or full of trigger points then we get referral pain and all sorts of crazy pain everywhere. there are many nerves in pelvis that control our peeing. the PELVIC SPLANCHNIC is key to this mystery along with the myofascial trigger points that cause referring pain!

ALso think of the bladder as surrounded by nervous, tight muscles!

and the cycles goes like this:

we get a legit infection and pee and panic like crazy
our pee muscles get tight and overworked.
we take pills and cure the infection
but then we get another infection
more muscle tightness
and then we start to panic and muscles get even tighter and we cant realx them and then they create a whole new set of problems.

i was VERY depressed last year over all of this VERY and very stressed which you guessed it: caused me more pelvic muscle tension and more symptoms!!

i read and research everything yet the answer is simple and FREE: align your spine:

In an ideal world where money is no object: you really need to see:

a pelvic floor specialist
massage therapist
OR pro therapist anyone that can help you develop a stretch strengthen routine

get a foam roller and an accu-ball and

a big round yoga ball: why yoga ball? cuz we are hunched at computer all day and laying with our back on yoga ball stretches us out in the opposite way and helps posture

google acuball by dr. Cohen

A pelvic floor specialist gave me the acuball exercise. Yes I literally sit on it with it between my balls and anus - as much pressure as you can comfortably take and massage that muscle. It is the PC muscle. Roll out the muscle for 20-30 seconds three or four times and then leave it and see how you feel the next day. do this every second day and then slowly increase pressure / length of time as you feel is right.

you want to roll out the groin and glutes too ALOT. Dont worry about doing something wrong. if you have tension there, then roll it out.

Can you afford to see a professional in your area?

Other weird thing is when i started stretching and massaging and foam rolling and using inversion table results are not automatic. At times they seemed alot worse. I can go into the theory of somatic memory by Dr. Besell Vander Kolk but no need

The truth is: NO sugar and start some type of physical therapy on yourself. it is free and within 3-6 months you will feel at least 70% better if not completely! There is no secret and you do not have to go to the pelvic pain institute and spend big money!! you just have to learn to relax and trust me when I say stretching will help you so much!!!

if you type in:

glute stretch
hip stretch
hip flexor stretch

lower back, hams, quads, calves etc, you will be well on your way. experiment with different stretches and cover all major muscle groups. no wrong way to start learning how to stretch

I always thought stretching was overrated but I feel better then I have in over year and a half - I feel I am at a point where i can live happily at this level if i never get fully better. After all I reap what I sow...yet Jesus Christ has been very graceful!

keep me posted - I have no hidden agenda. I just know life really sucked until I learned all this. think of inflammation as needed to get flushed out. yet if our muscles are tight around prostate and groin where spermatic cord runs etc. then how can we let lymph nodes do the work? we have to help our system! we need to eat right, stretch, relax, and most importantly pray that God helps us resolve any hidden issues that are stressing us out.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ yet this is a scientific fact: we store our stress in our bodies: check out Gabor Mate: Hidden Cost of Stress

I am NOT a yoga / new age guy - not even close but stretching, deep breathing, muscle relaxation and prayerful meditation have helped me considerably!

I am very happy with my results as I was becoming increasingly stressed and hopeless. it was a gross feeling and I thank God so much that he pointed me in the directions I need to go

Keep me posted!


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Mar 27, 2013
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oh yeah

As per ejaculation this is where i start to sound like an infomercial:

my ejaculation has increased significantly in size and force - more then in 2-3 years!! this is the truth!

But here is the weird thing: again on the journey it wasnt like it gradually got better. progress and then boom a few months ago my muslces reached a new point of relaxation / alignment and everything is so much more comfortable around my prostate, groin area!!!

I had strange ejaculations on my journey - things seemed worse for awhile. especially when massage the PC muscles. my ejaculations would run out with NO force at all. Sometimes, there was no real pleasure from the orgasm though no discomfort either......

everyone seems to have similar symptoms in some general ways but very different in other ways.

Hope is free and I am sure in this case you will feel alot better! stick with it.

its me!! IWBT

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Dec 21, 2011
Do any of you fellas get symptoms after certain activity for me running walking long distance or standing in one place too long...Went for a run today and after my lower abs right above pubic bone felt really tight!!!!!,,,and my testicles felt like they swole up and my lower back fells tight