please help! very confused!


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Dec 2, 2009
ok.. for the month of october i started my birth control 2 weeks late. so 2 weeks into my pack on october 22 i was bleeding i am not sure if this was my period or not. then on the placebo pills i had brown discharge. i stopped taking the pills because i wanted to wait until i get my period so they could be regulated. on nov 15 i had unprotected sex ( stupid, i know) that same week maybe even a day before or after i had cramping and the weird feeling you get when you are about to get your period. i have been extremely stressed. and i remember the last time when i was stressed i had the same exact feelings as i do now. this week the cramps are a little more intense on both sides where the ovaries i guess are? i took a first response pregnancy test 16 days after having unprotected sex and it was negative. i really don't know when to test because i don't know when my real period was, i am not sure if on oct 22 that was it.

my questions are
1- how accurate is the test since i waited 16 days after sex?
2- was that my period on oct 22 or was it bleeding from the pills?
3-when should i take the next test?
4-are the cramps that i am feeling most likely my period trying to come and is late due to me messing up on my pills and also stress?

thank you sorry it's long!


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Oct 16, 2007
You are messed up. I would at this point just assume the test was correct. Start your pills again but I can't advise when cause a I know nothing about the pills you are on.

Being on and off this type of medication will really mess you up. You need to be diciplined. Cramping is part of being thrown into hormonal turmoil and there really is no way to answer your questions with any accuracy.

It is not too likely that you are pregnant at this point but you are asking for trouble. Slow down, destress and start again.


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Apr 10, 2006
Northern Ky.
I never got any cramps near/at/during my periods.
However I did get cramps usually for 1 to 3 days when ovulating between periods.
I suggest you pay better attention to your body/cycle once you get back on track.
If you don't want to get pregnant, then don't have unprotected sex - ever!