Pilonidal (tailbone) cyst help!


New member
May 30, 2017
I've dealt with this painful cyst on and off for a few years, not sure what spurs it on, but it'll just come and go. It's super painful and when it's here I can hardly sit down, drive, sleep, workout, etc because it's just awful. I was reading on another site about all of these people who had horrific experiences with doctors and the ER getting it removed, having issues with packing and dressing it, infections, etc. so that freaked me out. But then person said she was recommended drinking pure pineapple juice for the cyst and it disappeared and hasn't come back for her in like 30 years. So I'm going to try that, and was just wondering if anyone else had experience with this cyst and any other natural remedies for it? Thanks so much!