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Photo: Does anyone know what this is on my skin?


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Apr 24, 2015
Hi, thanks for viewing.

These bumps appeared on my left shoulder about a year ago, very small at first, looked like three single pimples. But they didn't go away. I popped them a few times, disinfected them, and they scabbed over and seemed to have gone away, leaving just dark marks where they were.

But a few weeks later, the skin began bulging again under the three marks. This time I've let them be for a few months and they've become the largest that they've been, and seem to be clustering with other nodes from the same areas.

They don't hurt, but the skin feels sensitive in the area, and every now and then they may itch a little. I find it interesting that they are in a row, and the first (closest to my tattoo) grows the fastest, followed in order by the next two.

I haven't seen a doctor about it yet, would like to try some natural remedies first.

Anyone seen something like this before? Have any ideas what it could be?

Thank you very much!



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Apr 9, 2016
See a dermatologist. Since these came back I suspect a pathogen (viral or bacterial). It may not be molluscum contagiosum, because the pictures don't match what I've found, but these sites don't usually have every visual variation of a disease.