Pancreas Problems !


Sep 11, 2010
In a few hours I go to hospital for a pre operation examination. I don't remember what was said when I saw the consultant, apart from him saying 1 possibly two operations. My wife usually accompanies me for hospital appointments because she remembers word for word what is said ! Me, well its like my mind goes to the desert and watches tumbleweeds ! I did take my best friend with me hoping he'd remember but he was worse than me !

I have been through three gastroscopies en route to my forthcoming operations, good job I like diazepan ! The third scope was also a scan, the name of the procedure escapes me. What I do remember is I have a problem(s) concerning my pancreas, and due to my genetic defect is of major concern.

My symptoms include:

pains in stomach and lower back
b/o's are foul smelling, float and are difficult to flush & symptoms of both constipation and diaorreah
belching like an Olympic Champion !
food lying heavy for hours, also feels like I have food stuck in my throat area.

I think I've remembered them all !

I'll report back when I know more. In the meantime what are good natural remedies for the pancreas ?