Opinions on the US and UN?


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Oct 10, 2015
What do people here think of NATO, the UN, and the US trying to police the world? Can they really end thousands of years of religious conflict in the Middle East, or are they just infringing on the sovereignity of nations and the civil liberties of the citizens?


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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
I keep hoping the nations will shake hands and smile at each other. I know world peace is too far reaching. It's the UN's job to keep the nations from killing each other. Unity of humanity would be good, but I'd settle for world peace. Unity will follow.

The middle east has always and will always have struggles which the rest of the world cannot solve. We can't solve the differences in tribes or religions. The US is mostly involved because of money (oil).

Africa has problems because of ancient tribal boundaries. England's rule separated the areas, which are now nations, with disregard for tribal passion. This just isn't going to change. China is getting involved with the African nations, because of mineral resources. Again, money.

The problem is that we have empathy and sympathy with the people of all these nations. That's a good thing. But politically, well that's another problem.

I wish the UN had more bite.


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Dec 13, 2015
jfh is correct. Unfortunately, these authorities are sticking their fat noses where they don't belong. More-so the US than the UN [UN really hasn't had any teeth for a couple years, if not a few decades].

NATO is like the UN, big mouths with rather little brains. Or the EU, a gigantic white elephant that is ultimately useless.

I have nothing against mid-easterners, some of my closest friends are PROPER Islamic following Muslims [of which groups like ISIS/ISIL are not Islamic in the slightest - they maybe "Muslim" but then in many aspects the Islamic religion vs. the Muslim culture is as different as night and day]. People like ISIS/ISIL, extremists, terrorists, hate preachers, etc. merely take advantage of the blatant ignorance non-mid easterners have of the mid-eastern society to wreck havoc.

I mean in the UK - that horrific case of girls being "groomed" and raped, that went on for years all because people didn't want to be "racist" [it was part of the assaulters' "culture" (not quite, but sure western imbeciles really believed that cause they know as much about mid-eastern culture as they would an alien's backside)] yet if a black man or Hispanic tried the same thing... people would be standing on the street corner baying for blood as a cop bust the "colored" guy's chops.

The war on terrorism for example, a high school child with a basic grasp of mid-eastern culture would have made a better decision on how to handle that event than the so called "military experts".