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Aug 27, 2014

I am looking for opinions regarding my fathers health. He does not have health insurance and is very stubborn about seeing a doctor. He is currently jobless and cannot drive, so I am hoping to learn about natural solutions, or anything else helpful.

Here's his condition: About a year and a half ago, he had a triple bi-pass. He has recovered from the surgery and, up until recently, has been doing fairly well considering. About a month ago, however, he was served divorce papers (I don't mean to make this personal, but I think it plays a major roll). Ever since then, he has been physically exhausted and cannot fall asleep for more than 2-4 hours per night. While I don't know the numbers, he told me that his blood pressure has also risen considerably.

My main goal is to get him in to see a doctor, but until I figure out how to do that, I want to start looking into at-home remedies and perhaps diet suggestions. I believe that the core to many of the problems he is experiencing is stress.

Any advice is appreciated.

D Bergy

Apr 16, 2006

For the stress Rhodiola Rosea is a big help. It also helps with depression which likely plays a role. Check for any interactions with medications.

Magnesium can lower blood pressure as well as Ubiquinol.

Good luck



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Oct 14, 2014
Does sound very stress related. I've had great success with Himalaya Herbals's StressCare supplement. It has lowered my physical and mental anxiety/stress levels considerably.


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Dec 14, 2017
Sorry for your Dad's troubles KC.
Yes, magnesium, magnesium, magnesium! Get him some Magnesium Remag by Dr. Carolyn Dean

OR Some Doctor's Best
Get both of these if you can and take both. Both are available from Amzn.
Take the equiv. of 400mg to 500mg a day. Lack of magnesium causes a multitude of problems, lack of sleep and high blood pressure among them. 90 some % of people over 50 are low on Mg. The serum test a doctor does, DOES NOT give an accurate measure of your Mg in the body...their test is almost worthless. Just get him to start taking some Mg. (don't get mag. oxide.) It took me TWO months to get my Mg levels back to normal and then I've been sleeping better AND my blood pressure went down to normal. (you know you might be taking too much Mg, if a) your stools are loose. or b) if your blood pressure gets too low and you start having dizzy spells. In either case, just back off on the Mg; maybe just take 300-400mg a day. I don't know how much he's getting from his food.)
ALSO. It would help to take 1) Taurine 2) A good D3. Take 5000mg per day.
3) a quality K2

There's a lot of theory in the 3 above, too much to write about here. But all these FOUR things will help your Dad immensely in a natural, no side effects at all. (except the possible loose stools or dizziness if taking too much on the Mg.) These four work together and are important to TAKE together.
If he goes to the doctor, he'll leave with a handful of prescriptions for drugs that will give him weird, annoying, harmful side effects out the kazoo. I don't like the doctor either, and neither did Jack Lalanne. About all they know is drugs, drugs, drugs.
If any other questions about the above, just ask. Let us know how it goes and report back after your Dad has started taking these.

EDIT: Almost forgot, also get him some POTASSIUM CITRATE; and a good whole food multi-vitamin would help.