Need advice on reducing medication


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Oct 27, 2015
Hi Guys,
I am a diabetic and I was taking crazy doses of metformin to control my blood sugar and weight. I switched to HempPaste a month ago and my blood sugar is normalizing.I lost 10 pounds this month! I want to come off the metformin completely since I don’t see any benefit to it, if the HempPaste can help me manage it. Also the side effects of the meformin are awful. Can anyone recommend how to decrease my dosage so I don’t just go off of it cold turkey?


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May 25, 2009
Reversing Diabetes so you are able to reduce ALL diabetes drugs is possible and many people have done it without problems.
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Professor Taylor from Newcastle uses a near fasting protocol.

Jason Fung How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally More details at his blog intensivedietarymanagement He uses both fasting and a low carbonhdrate approach.

Reversing Diabetes- My Ketogenic Journey To Health!
Highlights and experiments in my journey to battle and reverse Diabetes through a high fat, low carb ketogenic diet, exercise and attitude
She also runs a facebook support group for people reversing diabetes.

There are loads more resources online that will assist you in reducing and then eliminating your reliance of pharmaceutical drugs.
Low Carb RN
Low Cartb diabetic

The science supporting the use of Low carbohydrate diets for those with Type 2 diabetesis now very supportive and there is more research showing it helps address the underlying metabolic problems.
]Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management: Critical review and evidence base

I expect you know that metformin use tends to deplete Vitamin B12 so people who are or have been using metformin should also be taking a B12 supplement preferably one with both methylcobalamin (MeCbl) and adenosylcobalamin (AdCbl)