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Lowering night time cortisol and supplementation?


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Jan 18, 2016
Hi there.

I have figured out, after many years, that the reason I can't lose weight is because I have high night time cortisol. I haven't slept well in years.

My primary aim here is to restore my cortisol levels back to what they should be at the right times and I'm looking for supplementation to help with this.

I already have Ashwaganda.. It's certainly calming. I also have tea from Gynostema root which is very powerful.

But sometimes, no matter what, I just can't get to sleep and realize that it's probably due to whoppingly high cortisol levels.

I understand there are Adrenal Support supplements out there to strenghten your adrenal glands. Would they be useful in this instance?
Also, if anyone can suggest something which is renouned for being useful for this kind of problem could you suggest any?



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Dec 3, 2007
Texas, USA
I use Gerovital GH3. It has a cortisol inhibiting effect. So, I take a 7 day break each month to let my body remember how to make the cortisol function.

There is the original formula by Dr Aslan. This is the one the John F Kennedy, among others, used.

The basic ingredient is Procaine, which is a fused combination of DEAE and PABA, natural vitamins.

You can find these in several places online.

My favorite is GH8 at this location. I like GH8, because I'm trying to fix blood pressure too. http://www.cellhealthmakeover.com/faq.html

Here is an overview of the original formula and its very numerous functions. http://www.taoofherbs.com/articles/117/GerovitalGH3.htm