Lavender Oil Antifungal (candida albicans, ringworm)


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Lavender oil is a powerful antifungal that fights skin conditions, Candida

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) New research out of Portugal has found that lavender oil is a powerful antifungal agent that fights and prevents skin and nail infections, including Candida albicans. Published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology, the study found that lavender essential oil exhibits amazing protection against a wide range of pathogenic fungi -- and it works better than all known antifungal drugs at doing so.

"In the last few years there has been an increase in the incidence of fungal diseases, particularly among immunocompromised patients," said professors Ligia Salgueiro and Eugenia Pinto from the University of Coimbra , authors of the study. "Unfortunately there is also increasing resistance to antifungal drugs. Research by our group and others has shown that essential oils may be cheap, efficient alternatives that have minimal side effects."

The team observed in tests that lavender oil effectively killed fungi that cause a wide range of infections on skin, hair, and nails, including those categorized as Athlete's food, ringworm, and Candida albicans. Not only was lavender oil more effective than antifungal drugs, many of which no longer work on mutated fungi that have grown resistance to them, but lavender oil use does not cause negative side effects.

"Lavandula oil shows wide-spectrum antifungal activity and is highly potent," added the researchers. "This is a good starting point for developing this oil for clinical use to manage fungal infections."

The research adds to the growing body of evidence concerning the many medicinal benefits of lavender oil. Previous research has identified lavender oil as a powerful antimicrobial, and studies have shown it also works well as an antispasmodic treatment. As part of various herbal blends, lavender oil can also be used to treat coughs and colds, influenza, headaches, fatigue, and stress (

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TALK ABOUT TIMING I started going to a second gym for swimming once a week an dpicked up multiple ringworm rashes on my legs and one on an arm. 3 on the left leg and 2 on the right. The arm one and one of the leg ones is gone (ketaconazole cream). A couple of the others are resistant and I do have lavender oil. I might smell like a fu fu for a couple days, but I am going to try it.

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Lavender is the scent of choice for men and their colognes. I don't wear colognes, but I do like Bonner's liquid soap with lavender and other essential oils.

We already learned earlier that thyme is very antifungal too. So the combination would be remarkable. We can start smelling like food for the insects this summer.


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TALK ABOUT TIMING I started going to a second gym for swimming once a week an dpicked up multiple ringworm rashes on my legs and one on an arm. 3 on the left leg and 2 on the right.
That's scary stuff saved! It's been years since I was in a public pool, only when I was visiting relatives in Texas in the summer heat and didn't want to be a party-pooper :). I always felt a little sickly, coldish or fluish after swimming in a public pool. Same with my husband, he won't use them at all.

I don't like the chlorine either, but no matter how many chemicals they pour in there, I always imagine that it's a mass of germs and bodily fluids. I think hot tubs and whirlpools are even worse, makes it like a human soup of funk. :xbone:


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I never knew lavender oil was thought of as a potent antifungal. I always thought it was a mild antifungal, oregano oil being a potent antifungal. Good to know, especially to add to the arsenal.

I love the smell of lavender oil so much I actually crave it. Or maybe there's something in it that's beneficial to me. But I think it's the best scent in the world, with sandalwood second. I don't know if most men might find lavender too feminine but sandalwood is a nice masculine woodsy smell.