Is this really odd?

Kelly Thundercloud

New member
Aug 18, 2010
Richfield, WI
Ok, this is probably one of the oddest things you'll ever hear. But it really really works!! About a year ago, I discovered that whenever I swam in a certain river, my skin would always feel extra soft. If I had a rash or any skin impurity, it would go away quickly afterward.

I actually used to have something that I feared may have been skin cancer. I never went to the doc because I hate doing so and I don't believe in the practice of conventional medicine. So I just watched it to see what would become of it - if it would grow or spread. It was on and itchy patch that would appear on my neck whenever it was exposed to the sun, even in the winter. It would itch like crazy, turn red and then slowly disappear until the next time it got exposed to the sun. Over the course of a couple years it gradually got a timy bit bigger. That's when I got scared. But then I noticed last summer that whenever I swam in that river, it seemed to get better really quick.

I was very curious about the water anyway, so I decided to take some of it and boil it down. I don't know why, really, it was just instinct. The water contained a lot of this whiteish-brown powder that was left behind as residue. I knew that the skin-softening material could not have been the actual water, but something in the I knew that the residue would have the same effect.

Yeah, it may be kind of risky to do this, but I started to continue gathering this residue and I would put it on my rashes and that strange itchy patch. I did this all through winter and it even helped my chapped hands. When I was in Arizona this winter, the itchy patch returned, but not nearly as bad. I continued to use that residue and this summer I have been burnt and all, but that itchy patch has never returned! I tested it many times by not wearing sunblock and there's nothing.

I can't really recommend this to anyone else because I have no idea what the components are that are so beneficial. All I know is that it works better than any lotion I have ever tried. I even tested my chapped hands. One night I went to bed with this lotion that was supposed to be super softening for chapped hands. All it did was make my hands feel greasy. It made my skin appear to be more moist, but it didn't make my hands feel any better. When I used that residue, I did not mix it with water, I just used the powder. When I woke up, the cracks had begun to heal and my skin felt soft and non-greasy.

It just goes to show you that nature provides the best medicine in the quantities and concentrations that we need. We always try to alter what nature provides and then we try to make our own chemicals that we think work better! Why did we have to alter asprin from it's original state? Instead of spending your money on pills, just get some bark from a willow tree! I don't even agree with a lot of supposedly "natural meds" because many of them are too altered. We try to figure out the best quantity and density of each vitamin or mineral and soon we are receiving it in quantities that do not match what nature provides in the first place. We mix together minerals at the ratio we think is best. This may be totally different from the ratios nature provides. If you really want to be completely "all natural", you will consume from nature as nature intends.