Interesting from a PhD on Covid and Lockdowns


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Apr 18, 2018
Santa Monica
Last night on Coast to Coast Jay W Richards, PhD spoke for 2 hrs on how unnecessary the lockdowns have been....what SHOULD have been done is isolate the aged, weak immune system people, chronic health people etc...but NOT the country and the much damage has been done...SO MUCH.

Calif is a many lost their livelihoods....and apts and and and.... In this great ............ state ummmm.... The city of Anaheim is on the brink of near collapse since their major industry Disneyland is how many old and sick people run around Disneyland.....

And food banks are running out of food with all the long lines of people who don't have money to feed their families.

Many of us are fortunate, BUT, there are millions who are not.

It's all been so so wrong.

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